Tuesday 2 August 2011

Vanilla Was Awesome!

This video actually started life back in November/December last year. The original plans were to make it into a 3 part youtube series. However, the opportunity came up to have it shown at Evo, so we decided to put a lot more work into getting the best possible footage and generally making it as hype as possible for the occasion. Athol Cassidy and myself (Project Dolphin) also wrote and recorded an original piece of music, specifically for the soundtrack.

Apart from the intro Fei Long infinite clip, all of the gameplay was scripted by error1 on the PC version of 'Street Fighter IV'. Early in the project, we decided that we could get the best quality footage this way. At first I'd record scratch clips and error1 would then script them out and record in HQ. Before long though, we would just discuss concepts and ideas and one of us (usually error1) would run with the idea and come up with a full combo or set-up around it. Also, using scripting (tool-assistance), this allowed us to do some things that would be very, very unlikely by hand. The Abel infinite @0:26, Gen @1:36 and Guile @2:05 are all examples of this.

Here's a short vid showing the process of recording/scripting we used early on, plus some unused combos and ideas we ended up expanding upon. There's an Akuma combo that I really, really wanted to include here. I thought it'd be awesome to suddenly have a random picture-in-picture of the combo actually being performed in the middle of the vid. However, I eventually realized that it might be a little too self-indulgent to have this pop up in front of a thousand SF fans who want to watch the AE top 8. So it didn't make it.


  1. Great stuff! I knew it had to be error1 when I heard the English VO, you stay away from that like the plague (same here).

    I love the 4 ex fireball combo, it's hard for me to even connect two sets of 'em, so I can imagine it's a lot harder when you do all 4.

    I remembered most of the glitches from Vanilla videos by you, error, and some others, but I didn't know that you could let the camera go back to the Hosenka angle after Dhalsim's Ultrafreeze was over. On my third watch, I realized what was going on - until then, I thought it was an edit (for some reason). I also didn't know that characters could be grabbed after the hitstun from Seth's Hyakuretsu trade - does it have to be right as they're about to land, or can they be "flying"?

    Maybe this will all be answered with videos, but until then, great job guys, and please keep it up!

  2. If Vanilla had had a few more years Gen would've usurped Sagat.

  3. Desk - you are the best. Also I admire your decision not to include the Akuma combo, even though it was awesome. Maximum respect+

  4. Me & a group of guys all got together to watch Evo finals Sunday here in Ireland.
    IIRC, this video got more whoops, cheers & gasps of disbelief than any Grand Finals match.

  5. Huge, huge thanks guys. Really happy that people enjoyed it. I wish I'd been there to see it in person but I did get to watch the stream with friends and it was really hype!

    onReload, I think they're throwable throughout that animation. Error1 is putting together something that should shed more light on a lot of the things that happen in the vid though. Stay tuned to his youtube and updates :)

  6. Despite being a pretty average player myself I really enjoy the videos on your channel and this was just phenomenal. Excellent work.

  7. Desk awesome combo video.
    Do you have an extended version of the EVO intro?
    it was an awesome remix

  8. Yeah, should have something to show regarding the EVO mix very soon. I actually can't wait to get it uploaded, just some last minute things to do first.

  9. Super sad that your videos like these got set to private.