Sunday 27 May 2012

SFxT Big Damage!

This is the first time I've ever actively tried to feature combos that do big damage over and above technical/difficult combos. However, after some testing (this vid has been in the works for weeks now) it became obvious that it couldn't be the only goal because often, those kind of combos aren't super interesting to watch.

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Random blog post No.1!

Feel a bit guilty about not uploading the Combo-a-day today, which I do actually have ready. So I'm posting this instead! Yay!

Monday 21 May 2012

CaD No.4 - Steve HPs!

Is this actually an infinite? I've got 7 reps quite a few times now. I can't seem to go further but I have to assume I'm losing frames along the way*.

The team super was possibly the least practical use of meter after no.7 but I just wanted it to be a 'proper' combo, so I had to cancel into something.

[St.HP xx flicker xx walk]x6 st.HP xx Team Super! GO!!

*walking the maximum distance and then hitting bk+HP on the same frame seems pretty impossible by hand. Though I've no way to check, it's probably going slightly wrong every repetition.

Sunday 20 May 2012

CaD No.3 Chun + Julia

Maximum damage was originally going to be the main goal for every combo. Although, it is still definitely one of the aims, it doesn't always make for an interesting combo. This does pretty decent damage and is fairly technical, so I'm happy.

Chun can actually land in front of Hugo after tagging the j.HK, which pushes him back and prevent the 2nd cr.HP xx loop. I'm not even 100% sure of how to prevent it, this is just one of the times that it worked out. The first st.HK is jump cancelled and there's more than enough time from the j.HK xx tag to allow Julia to come in and combo. Another point of interest is leaving enough juggle potential pre-pandora cancel for Julia's frwd+HP to combo then allowing enough time for her meter to refill before doing the super.

If Chun's j.HK worked on everyone (it doesn't) the instant overhead version would be hella more practical. Still very useful to know in the Hugo match-up and vs other tall characters though.

[Chun] j.HP, st.HK xx jump, j.HK xx tag [Julia] [cr.HP xx qcb+P-charge xx dash xx MP]x2 cr.LK-MK-HP xx qcb+PP-charge xx dash x MP, frwd+MK-MP-HP xx tag [Chun] bk+MK-MK xx jump, j.HK, st.HK xx pandora [Julia] frwd+HP, Super!

Friday 18 May 2012

Cad No.2 Ken + Law

Shoutout to Snoooootch!

Jumping ex tatsu causes soo much hitstun! Also, it does way more damage than the grounded version because it wasn't designed to hit all 4 times. The timing is super strict and I think it's Hugo only (maybe sagat too? I haven't tested it). This is a proper combo video combo but it does do serious damage.

The ex.tatsu must be performed as soon as you leave the ground for it to combo. Takes quite a bit of practice to get down.

j.HK-tatsu, [j.ex-tatsu]x3, st.HP xx LP-SRK, cr.LK, st.HP xx HP-SRK

Thursday 17 May 2012

CaD No.1 Julia + Rufus

This is actually one of my B+Bs at the moment, not difficult and easiest when outside of the corner. Rufus' j.HK hits twice but as far as damage scaling goes, only counts as 1 move (hence the silly damage). If you add any more moves before the 4th tag (in an attempt to get more damage) you won't build the 4th bar.

[Julia] HK-DP (though MK is more effective for slightly less damage) xx tag [Rufus] j.HK, st.HP xx HP-snake strike xx tag [Julia] j.HK, cr.HP xx HK-DP xx tag [Rufus] j.HK, st.HP xx HP-snake strike xx tag [Julia] j.HK, frwd+HP, st.HP xx hcb+HP

Wednesday 9 May 2012


'That picture of Ryu' by gammon

You may have noticed the shiny new header that appeared a few days ago.

The awesome brush stroke style lettering, as done by Andrew Murphy is now accompanied by a brand new piece of Chun Li art work, drawn by Chad Walker aka 'gammon'.

You can find other, top-tier artwork by Chad Walker here and here. Including a piece that was included in the Darkstalkers tribute Artbook.

You may also know Andrew Murphy as nevillebamshew, a sick UK Fei long player. Check out some of his other work here. Including great, SF inspired comic book art.