Tuesday 13 September 2011

Top Tier Chun Tech No. 2 [Semi Infinites]

Combos that stun, combos.

None of these loops are actually infinite, they will fail after a certain amount of reps. However, they all build enough meter to be self sufficient. So they will always lead to stun, as the meter built enables the fb xx FADC > Repeat (note the sagat combo starts from zero meter and the Gief one uses 6 bars without a huge amount of trouble).

Both Fuerte and Sagat require the standard corner inf input [MP. fb - Legs], whereas vs Gief, you need to use HP. fb. Also, if you have 3 or more bars when you start, you can maneuver all 3 of these characters from midscreen, to the corner (as shown in the initial, Gief clip).

One episode left, showing everyone else susceptible to corner infinites.


  1. Hey Desk,

    Great work as always!

    I have yet to connect a Cr. Heavy Punch after a lightning kick and tried to recreate even a part of your video and skills... What am I doing wrong?


  2. you have to do mk lightning legs for 8 hits and then it's a 1 frame link

  3. That's what I am doing... but with 1 frame... I get 1 shot at the timing... so must be my timing. I'll keep at it. Thanks guys.

  4. Hey man, are you plinking that cr. HP (with MK)? if not, it's a lot easier to land if you do.

    Just hit HP~MK (with HP still held down when MK is pressed). I'd practice just that link without worrying about another Lightning Legs. After a while you'll get used to it and the next step will be to just cancel into legs. Then you'll have the loop :)

  5. Thanks! I'll give it a try over the next day or 2 and let you know if I succeed!

  6. if you don't already know about plinking, take a look at the input display in this video. a lot of the time, you'll see HP appear followed immediately by HP+MK. he's not actually hitting HP twice, but the game will count a single button a second time if another button is hit on the very next frame (which, along with kara cancels, makes two-button inputs easier to do). you can exploit this to make most links in the game easier by hitting the button you want followed by a lower "priority" button the next frame, which gives the higher priority button two consecutive frames to come out. practice it in training mode by itself, you should see one button input followed by both buttons.

  7. Hey Guys, thanks for all the advice! SO I was able to pull it off a couple times on my 3DS, so Now I just need to practice on my XBox Console to really get the feel and timing of it.

  8. Yeah, it is. Pretty much all her stuff is unchanged. Also, there's a new AE vid coming soon, just have to finish editing it. Thanks man :)