Tuesday 3 July 2012

UMvC3 Random TAC stuff

It occurs to me that literally every character will be able to take advantage of the new TAC infinites. How many of them can be practically used in game and how many of them are even feasible without tool-assistance however, is another matter.

Using Team Aerial Combos in combo vids always seemed a little weird to me, as they're always escapable. Since they're all the rage at the moment though, I thought I might stick together a few combos that use the glitch multiple times, with multiple different characters.

I'm ashamed to say that I hadn't even touched marvel since the release of SFxT and a ton of awesome players have done all the work figuring out and demonstrating this effect. There's nothing really new in here aside from some mid-screen variations but the aim was to show the glitch in combos that don't become looping infinites. Also, since I understand it'll be removed in the next patch, spending a few hours getting 3/4 reps of a nemesis loop (for example) seemed like time that could be better spent.


3 Loops: Trying to put something together that demonstrated a loop with all 3 characters proved to be much more difficult that I expected. In a normal combo you will only get 2 chances to use the glitch as the first character must set it up with a TAC and then you're allowed only 1 more (meaning only 2 characters can use it). So here, sentinel has to squeeze in 1 rep of his re-jump loop before connecting with a standing S and effectively re-starting the combo (as far as TACs are concerned). Then chun's mid-screen stomp loop (which has been around since vanilla) leads into a mid-screen variation of Franks infinite.

Recovery cancel comparison (proof of loop in the first combo): In the upper example sentinel hits with a late j.H which is used to cancel jump recovery and keep the opponent in the post-TAC state. In the lower vid, it hits slightly earlier, the opponent enters regular hit stun and the combo fails.

COMBO!: If I suddenly wanted to put TAC combos into CMV's they'd probably look like this.

No switch TAC: Again, I think this has been around since vanilla, I know I've had it happen accidentaly a bunch of times. Here, it allows frank to take a drink and still continue the combo.

Sent infinite variation: Sent possibly has the easiest time doing TAC infinites mid-screen and there are a ton of variations. Here is one that uses his double jump.


  1. Not sure if its anything of interest to you. But I did find a japanese player using Capt. America able to extend what would be the end of a corner combo but instead he managed to have enough time to back dash and do L Shield Slash to extend it. I thought it was interesting but I can't seem to do it.

    Seen from Condor Missle here:

  2. Thanks for the link dude, sounds interesting. Do you know when it happens in the vid? I'm guessing it doesn't use the TAC recovery cancel glitch, seems to have been posted before it was discovered.

    1. Pretty much the guy uses all through the video with Capt. In fact I think there's one at the very beginning. It doesn't use TAC as I recall.

  3. Hi desk, did you make it to Evo? I haven't seen you on the stream :-/

    1. Hey man, sorry to say that I didn't make it out :( I was hype watching the stream though, lol.

  4. hello desk,i an a chinese , a post-90s, I very really like your videos, and you music, But, in addition to like your video, I prefer your music,that sound very great,and i like jazz fusion style too, but i play instruments not well, and then,Some video of the inside of the music.i cant see in the projectdolphin.bandcamp albume,i want to know how to listen to all of your music,could you tell me??^^

    1. Hey man!

      Most of our stuff is up on bandcamp. i think there's maybe 2 tracks that haven't been released yet though. The track 'Sprint' from the 'Vanilla was awesome' video will be part of our new EP and will hopefully be out before the end of the year. Also there's the Ken theme remix we did for evo this year. I can't promise anything but it might, possibly, maybe be out as a free download in the next few weeks.

      hope that helps man, sorry I can't be more specific but thanks a lot for the kind words! :)

      PS: Was there any track in particular you were thinking of?

  5. wow...I can't believe you reply with me, i am very happy 、honored to received your reply, above you said, as vanilla was awesome. this one is my favorites sound, The second is guidy . i very happy to (maybe be out as a free download)will in the next few weeks. but
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    PS( my english is soso ^^,above the sentence,i dont know do you read me ? - -!!)

    1. You're English is great!

      Yeah, I play bass in the project dolphin videos.

      I forgot about 'guidy' and 'random fusion'. I think Guidy will appear of the same album as 'sprint'. Probably a 4 track EP that will be up on bandcamp at some point. I'm not sure about random fusion though, Athol wrote that just as a little youtube video and I'm not 100% if it'll become a full, album track.

      Also, unfortunately I couldn't go to Evo this year. I did try but things didn't work out and I couldn't get over. I feel bad that I disappointed anyone but I didn't realize anyone actually cared, lol.

      No problem dude and thanks for the feedback. I didn't know anyone in China had listened to our music :)

    2. haha~~OK.i hope Can be quickly released the album .i am very very much looking forward to .

      as you say(I didn't realize anyone actually cared, lol), At least now I have to support your.i am you fans.

      at last. wish you has a nice day~~~~~^^
      (and then , do you know the Chinese word?.)
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  6. oh~~and random fusion.there are sound great~~~~~~~~iam missing..^^

  7. and~~~~~Have you ever published the ibuki combo video??
    i am a ibuki , ryu user.