Thursday 14 February 2013

Sick SFEX2+ Matches (A-Cho Capcom festival 2013)

I don't know anything about competitive SFEX2+ but these matches are super entertaining. There's tons of character variety, everyone seems to have sick set-ups and it's interesting to note the similarities between this and the SFIV series. Also, it has the greatest OST of any Street Fighter game, ever. Unfortunately the sound quality isn't great in this vid so you'll have to turn up your speakers.

A lot of the juggle combos are much harder than they appear because of the strict system in SFEX too. Basically normals have to hit in quick succession, otherwise the juggle opportunity disappears and normals will whiff right through the opponent. That's why you see characters immediately jumping into attacks after hitting with jabs for example. Or hitting at the last possible moment during a jump and as quickly as possible on the re-jump during juggles.

Things that are sick: Comboing multiple excels, D.Dark's ridiculous cross-ups after a knockdown and Dictator getting a full combo if he lands a back-throw with meter.


  1. Even the examples in challenge mode's Manaic show some insane combos that can be done with Full Meter. Most do full life others do close to it. Man I love this game.

    1. Yeah, I remember them being hardcore, lol. Would be awesome to revisit them now too. I always look on the EX series fondly because of the awesome music, stages and characters.

      I might have to get hold of a PSX and play them again.

  2. Street Fighter EX 2 PLUS is my game, the Game of the Millennium from the original Street Fighter EX 2.

    It is a very versatile and fun game that many of the stupid people in the West don't appreciate, but many players in the East do.

  3. Vulcano was always THE MEN of the EX's series. Looking back I never saw this game as hardcore ACHO gamers do, that make me want to play it again, but in the hardcore mode

  4. d dark is the scorpion of street fighter such a sick game

  5. I've only just starting to figure out how this game works in its crazy combos. It gets really insane.

  6. I just found the OST for this a couple days ago (never touched the game, but damn interested now), and I cannot agree more. Among my top 5 OST's, easy.