Monday 4 July 2011

Yun 845 + Character specific damage

After much testing, 845 damage was the highest I could achieve. No matter how I mixed up the genei jin combo, the counter just refused to go higher.

I have to assume that this kind of damage scaling, as it affects combos, has been explored before but it hadn't been brought to my attention until I tried to max out the numbers with Yun. So here's a quick explanation:
In the SFIV series, damage is scaled for every consecutive move in a particular combo. It is also scaled down again, when the opponent has a received a certain amount of damage. This isn't calculated against overall numbers, but rather, relative to the percentage of life remaining.

In simple terms, this means that a high damage combo will always do more damage versus Zangief, than the same combo will do versus Seth (purely in terms of numbers). The reason? After a combo has reached 401 damage, against Seth, you incur a further 5% reduction, as he has less than 50% health remaining. However, that reduction will not take effect against Zangief until you hit 550 damage. Taking it further, when you reach 601, there is another 5% reduction (due to him reaching 25% health). Something that doesn't affect Zangief until 825.

Here's a run down of the damage reductions, as they take effect (this happens outside of combos too).
@50% health, all moves inflict 95% of normal damage [-5%]
@25% health, all moves inflict 90% of normal damage [-10%]
@15% health, all moves inflict 75% of normal damage [-25%]

These extra reductions apply to the existing damage scaling, they are not 'added' to it. So at 25% health, a move that may normally do 10% of it's normal damage (it being 10 moves or more into the combo) will actually inflict only 9% (not 0%). You can see this happening in the video but also remember the confusing fact that damage is always rounded up to a whole number (you cannot inflict 2.5 damage for example) and the damage percentage display reflects this, often overriding and increasing the numbers.

This information will probably not help you in your day to day life.

Music: Cadaverous by Calcius Repton
Thanks Eventhubs for the source against which, I checked several details.


  1. I find it strange you weren't fully aware of that. it's part of the reason why Maj's 700 class challenge was so difficult for some characters.

  2. @Jamheald Did you have to do it against a certain character?

    The damage scaling, relative to health remaining is obviously common knowledge but I'd put no thought into exactly how much this could affect the damage inflicted by a single combo vs different characters. With Yun, that difference can be significant.

  3. @Desk You had to get a character down to just 50 health I think.

  4. Ah, right. I'll have to check that out. I'm not sure if any character could match this kind of damage until Yun came along. It'd be cool to see some of the entries in Super/Vanilla.

  5. EDIT! Except maybe Boxer :)

  6. yeah, the fact that scaled damage is rounded up makes it seem like ultras with lots of little hits, like metsu hadouken or kikosho, still do a fairly meaty chunk of damage at the end of a long combo, compared to big single hits. i'm not sure how significant that rounding really is though so i could be imagining it

  7. Charge uppercut, get 4 bars again with sagat

    CH nj.fp HP uppercut, FADC , angry scar, EX uppercut u1

    Even more damaging Sagat combo

  8. The ones that I remember having the massive damage combos from the challenge were: Balrog, Gouken, Gen. But lots of unexpected characters had entries, like Cammy or Dhalsim, I think Sakura had one too.

  9. you had to have known something about the scaling
    here are some mic things about it

    focus attack and ultras count as two moves for scaling purposes
    maskless vega takes and deals more damage, 25% more in sf4
    I think 15% more in ssf4
    couterhits cause 150% damage
    in order to kill a character you need to do 1 more point of damage then there hp,
    Ryu will still be alive if he takes 1000 damage, you need to do 1001 damage to kill him
    in sf4 training mode if you take out all the opponents hp the lifebar scaling goes away
    in ssf4 the scaling still happens when they have 0 life

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  11. error1 wtf are you talking about? none of those things have anything to do with damage scaling...