Friday 4 January 2013

60 Second P-linking

Or slightly longer if you're going to read this too.

There are already some great articles on the subject but I couldn't find an easily accessible or concise video version of the same thing. Plus, it's usful to have something to support TSF Ep.1 for the benefit of anyone not completely familiar with the concept.

Basically, it's way of doubling any button input. So you can cover 2 frames instead of one when trying to hit tricky links.

I'm surprised by how many people I've spoken to, who do want to get better but don't want to learn P-linking. Quite simply, it's essential if you want to 'be as good as you can be'.

Effectively, you're learning something difficult to make everything else easier.

Really simply, you just need to hit 2 buttons 1 frame apart. The first is the button you actually want and the 2nd is any button of a lower 'priority'. When the game reads these 2 things, for some reason it's acts as if you inputted the first button twice.

Here is the order of priority from highest to lowest


So, HK can be plinked with any other button, however LP cannot be plinked with any of the 6 regular buttons at all. In order to double that input you will need to use 'back' or 'select' (depending on console). If you're wondering, this is mostly impractical on any standard joystick.
If you try to Plink in the opposite direction (to a higher priority normal) you'll just get 2 different inputs. Let's say you hit MP~HP, then you'll simply get those 2 inputs, one after the other.

Generally you'll find it's easiest to make the 2nd input the button to the left of your 1st. For example HP would be plinked with MP or MK with LK. And generally you'll be using you're first 2 fingers to do this.

The timing is tricky at first but as long as you have 'display inputs' on in training mode, and you compare the results with what you see in the video, you can instantly see if you're getting it right or not.

Getting better at it [Training Street Fighter Ep.1]:


  1. Hey Desk could you give any tips on how to practice this in umvc3? I want to master plink dashing.

    1. hmm, not sure if there's too many clever ways to practice that aside from just doing it doing it repeatedly.

      Might be cool to cover it in a quick vid though, I'll have a think, lol.

    2. Awesome I would appreciate it.

  2. Your two recent plinking videos motivated me to try to try the stick again. I gave up on it the first time because i felt like dashing and doing qcfx2 motions at fast speed (qcfx2 on 2 player side is not bad though) was much slower than on the pad. Do you have any tips for performing those efficiently?


    1. Hmmm, I've never thought about that but I do remember that being an issue when I first switched to stick. I can't really think of anything apart from just boring practice right now, lol (literally just repeatedly dashing into the corner and doing ryu's super or something). Sometimes that the only way to get something really down. Again though, that might be something interesting thing to cover in a vid if I can think of any exciting ways to get better at it.

      Sorry I can't be more help dude.

    2. I see. I know a couple people who have this problem as well, especially those who've been using pad their entire life so I guess I'll just have to grind it out. Thanks for the response at least.

    3. Although it might seem slower at first. But if you play Street Fighter 4, if you take into account the shortcuts as well, it is pretty fast. Lets just say Ryus uppercut (shoryuken)
      Original Motion : Right , Down , Down + Right + Punch
      Shortcut : Down + Right , Down , Down + Right + Punch
      So on a stick you would just wiggle it from right to left. This shortcut motion is helpful for staying ducked which lowers your hitbox and also delaying the punch can help you autocorrect dragonpunch.

      A better example why a stick is easier would be performing Kara Raging Demon. Still possible on pad but quite fiddly in my opinion.
      Original Motion : -> + MP, LP , LP , down + -> , LK, HP
      With shortcuts, you can do in just 3 motions
      -> + LP + MP, -> LP + MP, Down + -> + LK + HP

    4. Well, the thing is i'd rather learn it the proper way given that those shortcuts aren't in all street fighter/fighting games so it'd be better to perfect doing qcfx2,dashing,shoryu motions first before using shortcuts.

      But yeah, after training for years on the pad it just feels natural to me doing these motions. if only someone made a hybrid dpad+sanwa button controller lol.

      As for the kara demon, you can do it on pad too with shortcuts. I use type-b setting (sf2 classic style) so I just do: ->+L2, L2, DF+L2+R2orR1. L2 is all 3 punches. Still, I agree that buttons on a stick outclass buttons on a pad, but the actual joystick and dpad is more preference imo. I'm still practicing on the stick though, just wish I could dash without putting so much effort into it like i can on the pad.