Saturday 20 August 2011

Peekaboo Glitch Explored

Exploring the recently discovered, game breaking, Trish Glitch. The definitive causes still escape me but it seems to require the following...

1) St. S
2) j. S or Special case Air Hyper
3) Trish assist, hitting on the very first or final frame of a cinematic Hyper

EDIT: You could possibly boil that down to simply...

1) Activate flying screen/Air throw or Special Case Air Hyper (eg. Thor's Tornado)
2) Trish assist, hitting on the very first or final frame of a cinematic Hyper

Demo'd in the video are a few inescapable set-ups starting with various characters. Most are meter intensive but the glitch immediately wins you game as long as you have the life lead. So, it's worth every bit of meter and X-factor you might have. Or if you have Thor or Felicia on your team, it's a way to instantly build back 5 bars and do the combo of your choice.

It seems people are already rinsing the single character Deadpool set-up online

 "It's not funny!"


  1. i love how his friends think it's hilarious haha

    but yeah nice findings on doing it with other characters

  2. Haha, I do find that vid really funny but I totally understand why you'd be pissed off if it happened.

    It's pretty straight forward once you know the rules. It's just a shame it's so game breaking and so easy to do.

  3. Desk, "2) j. S or Special case Air Hyper" is proved wrong as you showed it with Dante as neither was a j.S or a air hyper. Maybe moving camera is more suitable than the second point.

  4. I'm not hugely familiar with Dante. Do both of those air specials count as ground bounce moves? Would that mean that the 2nd causes a j. S type flying screen? If not, maybe a ground bounce move has the same effect. Then all that is needed is the cinematic hyper.

    Well spotted dude. I think there's a lot of research required to nail down the specifics of this. Hopefully some other combo people are working on it.

  5. ha ha That second video made me laugh! :)
    And crazy to see people finding any way to win :D
    Hey Desk, I made an animation of Gouken and Akuma on my blog if you're interested in having a look? Would love to know what you think :)

  6. Yeah my friend was doing this to people online, they were NOT pleased, but most of them stuck around for some reason. I guess before you posted it, people didn't really know about it, so they were waiting to fall out, or were just too confused.

  7. Messed around with a Dante variant of this where I did not even jump. Used acid rain to send opponent back down and the glitch still worked with no ground bounces or hard knockdowns. Will post vid tomorrow.

  8. Hey man, look forward to seeing the vid and great to see this being tested a bit more.


    Here we are. No jump, no knockdown, no DHC glitch. Just uploaded so quality might not be great (also had to edit out some parts in windows movie maker so it could affect quality) but I'm sure you can see what I'm trying to show. An alternate version is on my channel with the bold cancel setup which hasn't been edited so quality may be better there.

  10. That's awesome, forgive my Dante ignorance but is the first move a st. S? Maybe that's the thing, in this set-up, that allows it to happen. So, no j. S follow up, just launch > Super > cinematic hyper. Such, a weird glitch!!

    Thanks for taking the time to cap that!

  11. Yup, the combo is:
    st.S>st.H>st.S(prop shredder)>TK QCF.L QCF.L (need to cancel the startup frames)>backdash QCF.AA (million dollars)>xfactor and you know the rest.

    So the conditions are probably:
    1. Camera needs to scroll up/down
    2. Trish's Peekaboo assist needs to hit on the very first or very last of a cinematic hyper