Saturday 27 August 2011

New EP, Interview & Music Video!

I'm super excited to finally announce the release of the new Project Dolphin EP. It features 3 VGM remixes along with an extended mix of the track used for the SSFIV:AE, Top 8 Hype video, shown at Evo 2011.

Plus we did our very first interview for (click here to check it out). Even though it's obviously massively insightful and interesting. It's also a completely awesome and entertaining link fest. If there's another article anywhere on the internet that links to the DKC underwater level music, Jimmy Weckl's discog and Maj's TZW tribute, I haven't seen it.

And here's a music video error1 and myself cooked up to go with the SFIV medley track.


  1. This is amazing! Thanks Desk

  2. Awesome! Thanks a lot Desk!

  3. Your band is amazing. Me as music critic really liked and recommend. :D