Tuesday 23 August 2011

Yang 100-hit Combo

Maxing out the combo counter with Yang!

This is so much more subtle and difficult than it appears. I had thought the 92 hit in the Yang CMV would be tricky to beat but I kept finding extra frames to walk forward and generally tighten up the dashes.

The initial, pre-super combo, requires walking pretty much the maximum distance between every jab so that you're close enough for the first 3 to connect after activation. During the super there are a few frames after every dash that need to be exploited. Each time edging you closer and closer and eventually leaving you at point blank range when the super expires. This is necessary to get the final 6 jabs into Ultra 1, hitting exactly 100 hits.

Music: Project Dolphin - SFIV Medley (free to download coming very soon!)

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