Monday 22 August 2011


For some reason Adon's super has a very odd quirk. I have to assume that this is due to a programming oversight.

Firstly, huge thanks to Windalfr for pointing out what I initially thought was a training mode only oddity. Even though this has been present since SSFIV, it seems the situation it arises from is so incredibly rare, that no-one had discovered across it until now. It's certainly not the kind of thing you would have any reason to test.

A run down of what's happening in the video
1. When the 3rd hit of Adon's HP super connects, everything is normal. However, as a counter-hit, instead of causing the standard counter-hit reel animation, it in fact forces a standing normal from the opponent.

2. Showing standing MP & MK

3. Some characters like El Fuerte have so much start up on st. MK that it can't become active quickly enough to interupt Adon, causing a 2nd counter hit.

4. The game for some reason still considers you to be in hit stun. So, cancelling the normal into a special gives you a reversal message.

5. You can even go into a full combo from the forced normal.

6. The initial, deliberately mysterious video posted a few days ago. Confirming that it isn't training mode only.

Dantarion was kind enough to provide actual 'move data' evidence that, for some reason, the 3rd hit of Adon's super, on counter-hit, actually gives the instruction '5MK' (neutral medium kick) instead of 'Damage' (which would be the standard 'hurt animation'). Very odd, but what's even stranger is that you can actually force a standing medium punch too. As error1 points out, this is possibly related to your distance from Adon when the super connects.

Music: Q remix by desk
Thanks to error1 for the additional footage


  1. why did zangief get a far mp?
    I thought you could only get a close mk

  2. error1, it has to do with how many commmand normals the character has.

    Basically, all characters have a giant index of scripts. The first X values in that index are the same for all characters, but once you get into attacks, charcters start to have unique moves in there.

    I could get the exact list for each character and post fact, I would like to work with both of you in doing something fun :D

  3. Wow, thanks for that dude. I have no idea about any of that stuff.

    It would be interesting to know why they're getting the instruction to attack instead of initiating the counter-hit animation and why they use certain attacks.

    It can vary with some characters too (they have more than 1 response) and I think it's something to do with the last attack you used.

    Any relevant info would be more than welcome :)

  4. Actually, looking at the video again, I am not sure why you can get two DIFFERENT results.
    This is how that hitbox looks in my editor. You can see that it is literally coded differently for counterhit to go into 5MK

  5. Woa, that's actually fascinating. I'm really confused about the fact it's possible to get 5MP now. Do you have any idea what 'unknown standing' means? Also, do you mind if I add that pic to the story? Seriously, that stuff is hella interesting to me.

    I think error actually found some cool stuff with Dan's super. If you have a few mins could you check that same info but for the final few hits of it?

    Much appreciated dude.

  6. I am confused about the 5MP thing too.
    Theres a couple things about the files that we still don't understand, but most of it we do.

    Go ahead and add that pic to the story :D
    I'd love to get some more exposure to my little program :D

    Ill look at dans super, what exactly am I looking for?

  7. Let me answer ur question. The "UNKNOWN" in the pic are sets of hitbox data that don't seem to be used by the game. AIR_BLOCK isn't used either as far as I can tell. Anyways, Dans super.

    Interesting to note that the hitboxes on those moves DONT seem to have any hitstop, just hitstun.

    On a crouching hit, however, each blow causes 2 frames of hitstop for attacker and victim. However, it causes a standing animation, so it only applies to the first time the person gets hit.

    The last hit has 30 frames of hitstop!

    Other than that I don't see anything special.

  8. looks like a bunch of stuff is already known about hitbox data that i don't know, but my guess is that hits have a default behavior for counterhit (slightly more damage, stun, and hitstun) which can be overridden with custom behavior (different juggle behavior on ken's hp srk or whatever), and due to a typo or something this weird property was accidentally set on this one hit of the super, and nobody noticed for the same reason that it took so long to discover it.

  9. For the Dan thing I was talking about
    normally the last hit of his super pops the opponent way up in the air, but for some reason if it hits as counter hit it doesn't.
    Useless but weird beacuse there's no reason for that to do something different on counterhit, I think doopless discovered it.
    I wonder if the far mp, close mk thing is based on distance, like if you're not close enough to do a close mk it does something else, but that doesn't make much sense. I need to test it

    I'm interested in something fun, I'm not above modding the game for my own purposes, and have some ideas once your program lets me give blanka a koryuken.

  10. Ill check on that.
    One of the hitboxdata attributes, not shown in that screenshot, is the force applied to the victim on hit. MOST moves have a larger force for counterhit, but only slightly, theres few were it makes a big difference I think.

    And you can give blanka a koruken right now!, the problem is finding an animation blanka already has to use for it.

    (The animations look weird on the wrong chars skeleton :/)

  11. After some testing it seems distance is the key but it's not consistent.
    easiest to show with Makoto's 5hk, if you do it from far you get a mp, if you do it from close you get a mk.
    Also tested with Blanka's far mp.
    It's weird tho, all the non gief characters I managed to get a mp with I get a instead of a far mp. And it doesn't seem to work with everyone, I always get a mk with dhalsim no mater how far away.

  12. Hey Dantarion, did you say that's your program? If you have anything you want to link up, let me know and I'll add it.

    Thanks for the help dude.