Tuesday 16 August 2011

Peekaboo Glitch by Tekknight007

I think 1 or 2 players may have known about the effects of this glitch for a little while but to my knowledge, no one had actually figured out the causes. Enter Tekknight007
who, after having this done to him randomly online, sat down and figured out what was going on and even shows a reliable, not too difficult set-up to reproduce it.

Though I haven't extensively tested it, I have to assume that this can be done with a lot more of the cast and I'd consider it far more broken than the Zero glitch because there are no special requirements to meet for it to work. You're opponent doesn't have to call out assists or be in a special state. You can do it from a launcher and 1 stock of meter. When it happens, the opponent can't do anything, and if you don't hit them (they're in a fully hittable state) they hang in the air until the inactivity counter* kicks in, but instead of flipping out, they just fall into the ground in the same state.

I had hoped that when this was figured out, it would lead to the Unblockable Online Doom System Crash that was possible but never exploited before the zero glitch was patched. Unfortunately though, it can't be done because when Dr. Doom calls a hidden missile, it simply hits the glitched opponent and they recover.

* Quote from the Float Glitch Vid 'I don't think the 'Inactivity Timer' has been documented anywhere but it seems to count down when you're stuck in any state that isn't standing or crouching on the ground (I've had it occur during 3 different glitches). It's disappointing for people looking to break the game ;) but it's a really, really good fail-safe for a tournament game like this. Preventing most, possibly game-breaking things from actually breaking the game'


  1. I wonder if anything that can initiate DHC glitch can trigger this. Just get someone to go straight from "captured state" to the Peekaboo hit.

  2. Also, does it reset damage scaling for any further hits in the combo?

  3. Good thinking man. I encourage everyone to test it see what they can figure out.

    I unfortunately can't dedicate anytime to testing at the moment but I'm certain there's some supercool set-ups and effects that can be achieved using it.

  4. I recorded another video on this...
    This is quite a short video, but it's the same glitch with other characters.

    I was using Chun/Sent/Trish and my opponent Mag/Storm/Sent...
    Cool thing is that it caught Storm, but his Sentinel was on point when we both noticed the glitch. Also, I wasn't able to hit her off the ground.


  5. oh bad timing to find a glitch this game breaking
    I don't think this will be able to be fixed in time for umvc3
    wonder if this will make Trish a high tier assist once people figure out how to do it.

  6. Yeah, it doesn't reset damage scaling and the requirements for it to work are really odd. I think Flying screen must occur but the wall bounce is not vital.

    I hope there are other people working on it!