Wednesday 25 January 2012

desk vs desk

yeah, I couldn't think of a good title.

I guess this is natural progression from all the one handed stuff. Dual character, choreographed set-ups and combos. Very silly (and pointless, as always) but it was fun to make and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Ryu vs Ken:

The fireball exchanges are pretty straight forward but the parry spacing and timing on Ryu's jump in into the target combo xx Tatsu were pretty difficult to coordinate. The ken cr.MK was added to make the whole thing a bit busier and more natural. Bonus, frustrated mashing when Ken realizes he's done.

Makoto vs Makoto:

Exploiting the fact that EX.Hayates can travel through each other and Makoto's momentary invincibility, post neutral throw. It was way more difficult than I thought it was going to be to simply perform the same move with both hands at the same time. Swapping sides but remaining coordinated also made my head hurt.

Chun Li vs Hugo:

Basically an excuse to show the Hugo combo. Red parrying Chun SA2 so the left hand had something to do. Also, all EX moves are hella more difficult with this set-up because of how strict 3s is (and the whole, onyl using one hand thing).

Remy vs Dudley:

Some counter quirkiness into Dudley juggles. Lefty knows he's done and checks his phone.

Makoto vs Ken:

A tribute to the 'Invincible Makoto' section of 'Vid of Dreams'. Using SA3 and nuetral throws for hardcore, cross through action. Ken attempts to block the final hits but he can't because it's a full on, legit combo and all that.

Remy vs Oro:

Remy repeatedly attempts to dash up and throw Oro and get's it 2nd time, much to the frustration of righty. Then follows up with SA1. A stupid meaty st.LP is parried and leads to Oro unblockable set-up. Remy blocks the correct way at first but to no avail. The 2nd time he parrys 2 hits and is thrown. Rock!

Ryu vs Dudley:

The intial Dudley combo was super difficult with the left hand, then Ryu parrys a few frames before the super flash (it's as if he knew!). Ryu then uses the dudley specific quirk of being OTG-able post throw.

Post-credits bonus!

I wanted to parry the super while mashing with my other hand. Is anyone sick of seeing this evo moment being recreated in increasingly silly ways? well, that's too bad because here's one more.

I thought maybe I could turn this into a series, playing different games in each episode. However, without the parry mechanic, it seems kind of pointless. Having said that, if anyone has any ideas for other games that might work, let me know. Would be fun to do another edition at some point.

Thanks for watching + reading!


  1. Fate of two desks, surely?

  2. You could do some with umvc3 on h&h mode and use the thanos card or others to parry with characters

  3. showoff :)
    You could do a sfa3 dramatic battle where you controlled both charactors

  4. Each point character comboing a poorly called assist in uMvC3 would be awesome.

  5. Brings a whole new meaning to playing with yourself

  6. Actually, yeah. MvC3 might be cool with parrying, didn't think of that. Also, 'fate of 2 desks' is the sickest subtitle, lol. Might have to use that one :)

    I still have super limited internet access unfortunately so I apologize in advance if I'm not quick to reply to stuff. Really appreciate the mega fast feedback though, thanks everyone.

    Also, as someone on youtube already pointed out, the Ryu/Dudley labels are the wrong way round but I can't change it now. Maybe I'll pretend it was intentional to see if anyone was paying attention.

  7. You could use the FA taunt cancel in SF4 to do something similar. Maybe a no damage video with you controlling both characters?

  8. Have you ever seen the video of Hayao beating arcade mode one-handed? He did a lot of sick stuff on there.


    That is all XD

  10. The shielding mechanic in the melty blood games would make for some interesting setups.

  11. I'd love to see you do this with Mark of the Wolves

  12. Conventional thinking would say that seeing your human hands would prove that you are a human but I am starting to believe that you are a robot built by Capcom to play fighting games. 1 beep for yes 2 beeps for no

  13. could you make a CMV for Guile in SSF4 AE 2012 ? :)

  14. Hey Desk, I was wondering if you could tell me about your HRAPs. I have an older HRAP (I think it's an HRAP1 ver.B) that's pretty worn out and was wondering if you could recommend a stick/buttons for it. Thanks in advance and sorry for being kinda off-topic.

  15. I thought maybe I could turn this into a series, playing different games in each episode. However, without the parry mechanic, it seems kind of ...