Thursday 9 February 2012

New channel + Preparing for SFxT!

I spent a morning revisiting EX3 and noticed the similarities between it and SFxT. I'm too hype for SFxT and this is depressingly the closest thing I have to it at the moment.

So here's a few combos aping the tag system, a cross assault and the SFIV Chun Li legs loop.

I think I've been threatening to do it for a while but I finally got around to making a new channel for the arcade stick drumming, random bass playing and chiptune stuff. The first vid is a remix of the music featured in that SFEX3 vid, performed on bass and arcade stick. Check it out below!


  1. Nice track. Original piece, or a remixed theme? I don't remember all the Arika SF music but there were definitely some great ones

  2. Thanks dude, yeah it's an original piece. The chiptune arrangement was reverse engineered from the solo bass thing to be honest. That's why there's no melody or anything.

    I do absolutely love the EX soundtrack but I don't think any remix would do it justice.

  3. Will you be using SfxT to play around with the new system or will you be playing it competitively? I can't wait to see what you come up with! Who will be your team, or are you not letting it out? lol

  4. I never even heard of this game up until now, hey are you going to release the chiptune version of the song aswell? i sorta get cant get the tune out of mai head.. XD

  5. Desk I love the music that you put out and the video's. You're godlike as a fighting game player and base player and arcade stick drummer and I can't wait to see you break out into the tourney scene. I'm rootin for ya!