Sunday 26 February 2012

SFxT Combo Vid No.1

So, here is a combo video that doesn't involve tagging or any team supers. Sometimes the concept was lots of hits with little meter, sometimes plain damage and sometimes just executional difficulty (something that isn't easy to appreciate until getting hands on with the game).

I thought doing solo combos would be an interesting way to show what some characters are capable of on thier own, while at the same time, showing the massive potential for the combo system in general  due to the fact that it possible to switch cancel pretty much everything while simultaneously resetting the juggle limit. Much of that will be explored in tomorrow's 'Team Combo Exhibition'. But until then, transcript!

Note; I thought it important to perform all of the combos without infinite or 'refill' meter. So you can get a realistic and easy to understand impression of how meter is spent and also how much is gained back during the combo (this made everything more difficult to capture).

2nd Note; I did not have long with the game at all and I had even less time to actually test things and capture footage. I'm pretty happy with the stuff I got but I can't wait to really open things up with my retail copy.

Rufus: In order for this all to work Hugo must start outside of the corner but be close enough to it for the frwd+HP to connect after the cross-up. The aim here wasn't damage (I probably would have taken out the Snake strike if it was) but it still does a huge amount.
j.MK, LP.Snake strike, cr.MK xx EX.Tornado, frwd+HP, frwd+HP, frwd+HP xx Super

Heihachi: I wanted to squeeze in as much as I could before launching the opponent here. There's is approximately 2/3 frames of walking required between the LP.palms and the follow up.
j.HK, frwd+LP-LP xx LP.palm, walk, frwd+LP-LP xx LP.palm, walk, st.LK-HP xx EX.Upper, frwd+LP-MP, cr.MP xx Dragon upper

Bob: Super tight links here. Impractical because of the damage scaling but demonstrates a potential EX loop.
j.HK-HK, st.MP, st.LP, cr.LP, st.LK-MK-HK xx EX.roll, cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.LP, st.LK-MK-HK xx Super

Claw: Looping EX.Roll. practically speaking, you would probably not want to spend more than 1 stock on this but its interesting to know that it works.
j.HK, st.HP, cr.MP-st.HP xx EX.roll, cr.MP-st.HP xx EX.roll, cr.MP-st.HP xx EX.roll, cr.MP xx HK.Flipkick, st.HP-cr.HK

Law: Law has really great linking normals (in this case close st.HK and all versions of MP). Also, the first kick on the 2nd EX.dragonkick must whiff for the following combo to work. Otherwise the st.HP will simply whiff.
j.HK, st.HK, st.MP, cr.MP, st.LP-MP-HP xx EX.Shaolin spin kicks EX. Shaolin spin kicks , st.HP xx MK.Flip- flip

Ibuki: I'm sure this combo can go further but it's surprisingly difficult to really extend Ibuki's combos due to the fact that none of here far normals (that are likely to be at the end of a chain) can be cancelled.
j.MP-HK, cr.LP, st.HK xx EX.Upkicks, j.HK, st.MK, st.MK xx jump, j.Kunai

King: Dawgtanian had figured out the 'meat' of this combo before I capped it and a very similar but slightly less tech version of it has already shown up in another video. King is going to be a popular character because of a single command normal (this is the opinion of me).
j.HK, st.MP, st.LP-MP-HP xx EX. Jail kick , st.MK-HP xx EX.Jail kick, st.MP-HP xx EX. Jail kick , knee (upfrwd+MK), knee, knee, cr.MK xx Anti-air grab

Poison: Corner only and not a good use of meter. I wanted to get more than 3 fireballs in 1 combo.
j.HP, st.MP-HP xx EX. whip of love, st.MK-HK xx EX.whip of love, st.MP-HP xx EX.whip of love, st.HP xx HP.whip of love , cr.LP, cr.MK xx LP.aeolus edge !

Cammy: Demonstrating the fact that walking between jabs is still both possible and in some cases quite useful. Interestingly, after the 3rd MP, only specials and supers generally juggle. It seems that cr.HK for some reason has higher juggle potential than any of her other normals.
HK.divekick, st.LP, walk, st.MP, walk, st.LP, walk, st.LP, walk, st.LP-MP-HP xx EX.spiral arrow, cr.MP, cr.MP, st.MP, cr.HK

Kazuya: Punishing a super fireball from full screen using mist step. In more realistic situations this is still an awesome way to punish regual fireballs from mid-screen. Uses 2 stocks but does great damage and will make your opponent think twice before throwing any more fireballs ever.
Mist step xx Mist step xx Mist step xx Upper, st.HP xx Mist step xx upper, cr.HP xx Super

Chun: This is last because it's my favourite for obvious reasons. It seems that it's not possible to get anything other than a Light attack after lighting legs now and even then, only after the HK extended version. Much more complicatd and difficult than it looks and largely a waste of meter. I didn't initially think this would work but was hyped when it did. As chuns's far HP can't be cancelled, it's pure luck that chaining MP-HP actually moves her forward slightly, giving close HP instead, allowing the cancel into EX.fireball and enabling the loop. The st.LP-back+MK link is tight but super useful because of what it can lead into. Especially considering the fact that if you chain (as oppose to linking) the LP into back+MK the upkick is no longer jump cancel-able.
j.HP-HP, st.MP xx HK.Legs-HK.legs, st.LP-MP-HP xx EX.fireball, st.MP xx HK.Legs-HK.legs, st.LP-MP-HP xx EX.fireball, st.MP xx HK.Legs-HK.legs, st.LP-MP-HP xx EX.fireball, st.LP, back+MK-MK xx jump, j.HK, st.MP, st.MP xx HK.legs-HK.legs

Also, here's the pit stop 109 remix done live on bass+arcade stick for absolutely no reason.


  1. Thanks for testing the RCF loop, I've been soooo curious to see if that would work. I wonder if you could also loop c.MP xx s.HP a few times, maybe even in the middle of the RCF loop. Unless chains remove frame advantage or something, I don't see why not.

    1. Dude, I feel like an idiot but I'm not sure what RCF is, lol.

      Chains do actually remove frame advantage btw. All normals that have been chained into are immediately unsafe for the most part. Ryu can't cr.LP-MP, cr.MP for example. May sound weird but after playing it a little, the game would be crazy if chains retained their original properties.

    2. RCF stands for Rolling Crystal Flash, Vega's roll. And yeah, that makes sense, would probably result in a lot of infinites if left unaltered.

  2. Fucking hype video, that chun combo, I wouldn't expect anything less, goddamn!

    Is it true latest build kunai forces knockdown on standing? I'm surprised you didn't use cr.HP jc instant kunai to follow the jumpin HP.

    1. Thanks man, stay tuned for tomorrows vid. There's some team combos I was super happy with :)

      Yeah, the kunai knocks down now unfortunately. I had such a limited time with the game that I just had to decide on 1 Ibuki combo and move on to someone else.

  3. So, judging by the Chun Li comment, you can chain into target combos that use the "back+XX" formula? That is, if I had a hypothetical Tekken character with a back+MP -> MK string that was special cancelable, I could chain into it, but it could only be canceled into EX specials/supers. Is that correct?

    If so, do you know if the damage/frame data on the target combo changes?

    Most appreciative of the Cammy one as no one's really shown what she does in this game, or even really tried AE links. Only a jump-canceled roundhouse unearthed in a random color-edit video.

    1. Yeah, I think so and if they were jump cancel-able they might lose that property to (at least, chun li does).

      I've no idea but it seems that everything has more recovery when chained into so I'd imagine they're slower.

      The cammy one is super basic really but it is interesting to note the juggle properties on the cr.HK.

    2. Oh, I know it's basic, but you can imagine a lot by seeing anything in motion.

  4. Hey desk, you had to have tried stuff like Speed Gems + walking forward jab links, right? Any luck?

    1. Yeah, briefly (it was something I did want to test) and it seemed to get maybe 1 or 2 more jabs than you'd otherwise be able to get. Even a 30-40% speed increase, applied to only 2/3 frames isn't as much as you might think unfortunately.

      That's not to say there's nothing to explore there though. My time with the game was not only brief but hella stressful because I had so many things I wanted to test but couldn't a decent amount of time on any 1 thing.

  5. Not to try and take away from the video, but whip of love is the rekka and aeolus edge is the fireball :P

    1. I knew I'd make mistakes in the transcript!

  6. For jump cancelable normals like juri's cr.hp or whatever it was..can you jump cancel them on block?

    It seems to me that spending more than 1 bar on combos most of the time really isnt worth it due to damage scaling unless you really want to try to kill. Using EX moves in neutral/pressure seems more worthwhile. What do you think?

    1. I'm pretty sure you can't jump cancel on block (from what I remember of Chun's bk+MK) but I could be wrong.

      It's good question, one that I've thought about a bunch and one that will probably depend on your team. If you can get HP xx special, HP xx special xx tag, HP xx special... etc, then there's definitely room to spend more meter on another tag. Damage scaling is a huge factor though, so for characters who must hit confirm weaker attacks into their tag combos, I'd say more than 1 would no longer be the best use.

      I hate theory fighter when I just want to play the game again!!! lol

  7. Yo! Desk! That was fucking sick, dude and I'm totally biting your Chun-Li combo on Day 1. Haha!

    I saw that Chun-Li/Cammy combo at the end, so I'm definitely mad hype for the "Tag Combo Exhibition" tomorrow.

    Oh, and that remix was... Desklike. Real talk. Haha!

    PS: Apologies, but apparently, the stage you remixed is called "Pit Stop 109," and not "Pit Stop 189." Sorry. lol

  8. These are really nice! I appreciate that with your little time playing SF x TK you decided to learn & record combos for your fans. Really great! I was hoping to see a Lili solo combo and a Ling solo combo also, but thanks a lot man!

    And I'm only gonna post this once, this isn't spam lol.
    I will be hosting an ONLINE gathering with Xbox LIVE For Street Fighter x TEKKEN. Info is below.
    Since the US releases on Tuesday, I decided to give people 5 days to practice.
    Date : Saturday, March 10th, 2012
    Time: 8:00 Eastern Time - Who knows?
    Contact information: if you would like to participate then please leave a message. GT: PE4CE14

  9. I know you'll probably reveal more stuff in the next video, but I want to know if it's possible to do multiple bound combos between switch canceling combos. For example, Heihachi doing a bound move and then switching to Jin for another bound move combo extension. I ask because people were talking about juggle extensions for switching in between combos.

    Also, thanks for the videos. This is one of the best places to get a preview of what the real game is going to be like. I strongly disagree with the videos out there that are already establishing tier lists and ranking some moves as worthless before the game comes out.

  10. I'm increasingly surprised with your combo videos, I liked so much and I'm not see the time when I'll see you in Evo. xD

  11. I'd like to hear this music more times, do you will put it to download for us ? :D

  12. so much hype for sfxt! is there already an official list of top tier characters? i've heard poison's a low tier (not sure of that), i was thinking of hugo/poison team but if thats the case, i'll just stick to my chun and cammy.

  13. Why is the video set to private? :(