Thursday 16 August 2012


My first 3d fighting game video!

I still know very little about VF. Downloaded Final showdown last week and have been dipping in and out of it trying to come up with clips and ideas. Actually capturing stuff ended up being quite painless but just trying to decide on combos took ages. The editing took forever too but that's just because I love this piece of music so much that I wanted to try to do it justice.

As always, training mode was avoided when capturing all of the clips, however everything was extensively tested in training mode first to ensure legitimacy (so after the first hit, none of the combos can be escaped). No mashable stagger combos or 'set-up' hits were used. The other huge advantage of using vs mode is the addition of replays, which are awesome for editing.

Neither damage nor practicality were a priority in any of the clips. Although this is true of all the SF combo vids I do. As this is a new game (to me), I feel like I should point that out.

Random notes:

vs Lion @ 0:15: The first hit in this series is used to 'set-up' the 2nd and 3rd hits (they don't actually combo). They do here however, after catching Lion out of the air. There's just enough time to catch a ff+P elbow afterwards too.

vs Aoi @ 0:19: After the launcher, the first P is cancelled into K and then that K guard cancelled before continuing the combo. This is completely pointless as the combo works just as well with 2 delayed Ps but I thought it looked cool.

vs Lion @ 0:33: I tried to include jumping attacks as much as possible since they seem to be much less frequent than they are in street fighter. This one only just connects while Lion is still in his 'wall stun' state.

vs Shun @ 0:38: Again with the jumping attacks. Took a while to find the set-up that allowed both uf+P and uf+K to legitimately connect. The st.P is the key to getting him high enough for it to work.

vs Taka @ 0:43: Basic combo but Taka has a unique hit stun when hit with df,df+P that I wanted to include.

vs Eileen @ 0:48: Using a juggle (b+P-P) which spins the opponent around and can cause them to hit the wall while actually facing it.

vs Blaze @ 0:58: The spacing on this sequence is insane. I have no idea why it needs to be so precise to allow the 3x wall stun state.

Sequence @ 1:10: Various counters and throws that allow combos when done near a wall.

vs Lion @ 1:36: Building on the earlier combo but using  a wall to allow another 'set-up' sequence to actually combo.


  1. @desk, é possível que no futuro você pegue para jogar KOF XIII?
    Eu adoraria ver você fazer um combo infinito ou combos 100% de dano.
    @ desk, is possible that in future you get to play KOF XIII? I'd love to see you do an infinite combo or 100% damage combos.
    Sorry, but this was translated on Google = P

    1. Hey man, I haven't seen a great deal from KOFXIII but from the few clips I have seen I got the impression that 100% combos weren't too difficult to do. Are there any infinites in the game already? Maybe I should research it more, lol.

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  3. Awesome video, man! Big thank you from a VF player. Amazing that for being new to the game, you picked a longtime favorite theme among many for the video. Great editing ontop of that. You certainly did the justice you intended.

    1. Thanks so much, dude. Pretty much everyone I've heard from who is a VF player has been really kind. I'm glad i decided to spend a some time with the game :)

  4. hey desk. thanks for this. its really cool to see my main in such a well produced video. i've been studying akira's max damage combos, which are quite challenging, but the combos youve put together here are quite unique. the most entertaining fights are ones in which the player doesnt always go for highest damage, but does something new or unexpected in a fight. i'll be looking here for inspiration.

    btw, where did you get that version of akira's theme?

    1. Wow, thanks dude. Appreciate it :)

      That version of Akira is on the Saturn VF2 disc. It's the console arrange version of Akira's theme. I'm sure you'll be able to find it online without much trouble.

  5. Some of these combos I've seen, but always good to have a refresher combo vid every now and then.

    Wolf player here, and have played Akira players high and wide. Still, looking forward to your next 3D vid.