Saturday 11 August 2012

DLC Team Combos Capcom side

Initially wanted to use the credits music from SFZ2 in this one but it ended up sounding a little too relaxed (fascinating fact!).


Cody + Guy.

1. Despite the extra frames of recovery added due to Cody's st.MP being chained into, he can still link into light attacks afterwards. This is the first example of a character having this property in SFxT that I'm aware of.

[Cody] st.LP-MP, cr.LK-MP, cr.LK-MK-HK-Launch [Guy] st.LP, cr.MP, df+HK xx tag [Cody] st.MP, cr.MP-HK xx super

2. Using the post launch juggle state to combo into Guy's air command throw.

[Cody] j.HP, cr.HP, st.LP-MP-HP-Launch [Guy] j.qcf+PP

3. Guy can do loads of st.MKs!

[Guy] j.MK, st.MK x 8, cr.LK-MK-HK-Launch [Cody] st.LP, f+MP, st.HK xx Team super

4. Run stops and dash cancels (slow mo feature during credits!)

[Guy] j.HK, st.HK, st.MP-HP xx ex.shoulder, st.MP xx run xx stop, cr.MP xx qcb+HK xx tag [Cody] j.HK, cr.HP xx hcb+HP xx tag [Guy] st.MP xx qcb+ P, charge xx dash, cr.MP xx qcb+HK

Sakura + Blanka

1. [Blanka] j.HK, st.MK, cr.LK-MK xx ex.ball, cr.MK xx ball xx tag [Sakura] st.HP xx dp+HK~P, st.HP xx qcb+HK xx tag [Blanka] j.HK, st.LP, cr.MK xx ball

2. [Sakura] charge counter-hit, st.HP xx qcb+LK xx dash, st.HK xx qcb+LK, cr.LK-MK-HK-Launch [Blanka] st.MK, cr.MK xx team super

3. The dash cancels feel like every aspect needs to be frame perfect for the double cross up to happen (the height of the initial HP, the dash, the 2nd HP, immediate dash etc). This was stupidly difficult to capture in vs mode. Yay!

[Sakura] j.HK, st.HP xx qcb+LK, st.HP xx qcb+KK, dash, st.HP xx qcb+KK, charge xx dash, st.HP xx qcb+K, charge xx dash, st.HP xx dp+HP xx tag [Blanka] Launch

4. It initially seems like blanka is quite limited combo-wise but he does have some cool/useful things. Here, even after the extra 'chain' frames added to the launching st.HK, he can still juggle with a cr.MK in the corner. Continuing the combo.

[Blanka] j.HK, f+MP, st.LP-MP-HK, cr.MK, cr.MK xx upball xx tag [Sakura] st.HP xx qcb+LK, st.HP xx dp+LP, dp+HP xx tag [Blanka] j.HP, st.HK, st.LP, cr.HK

Elena + Dudley

1. Very tough to time everything so that elena doesn't end up crossing sagat up and whiffing moves in this one. Everything had to be as delayed as possible.

[Dudley] j.HK, LK-MK-MP-HP, f+LP xx dp+LP, cr.HK, st.MP, cr.HK, dp+HP xx tag [Elena] cr.MP xx qcf+MK, dp+HK xx tag [Dudley] st.MP, f+MK, cr.MP xx hcf+HP xx tag [Elena] j.HK, dp+HK

2. [Elena] j.HK, st.HP-HK, cr.LK, cr.LK-MK-HK-Launch [Dudley] st.LP, j.HK, Team Super

3. Here, the 2nd elena is being controlled with my right foot while doing the actual Dud/Elena combo. As Elena initiates the first tag, 2P has to neutral jump to allow Dudley to run past, get to Sagat and continue the combo (otherwise he stops next to 2P Elena). As Dud begins the juggle, 2P gets into position to tap him, activating the EX counter and KO'ing Sagat. If Dudley adds even a single hit before the counter, it won't juggle.

There is absolutely no justification for how long this took to capture in vs mode. A bigger man would have given up and got on with his life but not me! You can't begin to imagine how frustrating it was to figure out how to get the final hit to KO. This is because both characters life gauges are combined when activating the cross assault and then divided as soon as it ends. Hyper frustration mode, Yes!!!!

(before clip begins, 2P activates cross assault, then Elena jumps out of the corner) [Elena]. j.HP, cr.MP xx hcb+MK xx tag [Dudley] LK-MK-MP-HP, st.MP xx hcf+PP, qcb+PP

4. Here, the actual tag cancel is a 1 frame link. It must happen the instant the machinegun blow connects, otherwise elena can't land the j.MK. Super difficult to get in vs mode but a satisfying opportunity to practice some tag plinking ideas/techniques (to ensure it happened on the first frame).

[Dudley] j.HK, f+HK, st.HK, st.MP xx hcf+HP xx tag [Elena] j.MK, cr.MP xx qcb+MK xx tag [Dudley] f+HK, st.MP, st.MP xx hcf+HP xx tag [Elena] j.MK, cr.MP-HK-Launch [Dudley] st.MP xx hcb+HK


  1. Actually, I've been able to link after chains in a similar fashion many times, I just never really thought about it as odd. Can't think of an example right now, but just try it with some mediums that have massive frame advantage (Heavies probably won't work because of the risk of chain loops, I know Guy's s.HK didn't) and I'm sure yoou'll find some more.

    1. thanks for the info man, tbh when I was writing that I was super aware that I've never actually tested it, lol. So I didn't want to state it as fact. It's just that I've never noticed it before and I thought I'd have stumbled across it before now.

      I think I just assumed it would never work, so never though to try it out with anyone. I'm pretty burnt out on SFxT combos at the moment but I'll be sure to try it out next time I'm messing around.