Sunday 5 August 2012

All DLC Character CMV

Late transcript episode 1!

Elena: j.HK,  st.HP-HK, cr.MP, qcb+MK, st.LK xx hcb+LK, super

Guy: j.HK, st.MK x 6, Target Combo, cr.MP, st.HP xx ex.shoulder, super

Jack-X: j.HK, st.HP xx ex.hands, cr.MK xx dp+LP, super

Sakura: j.HK, st.HP xx qcb+LK, st.HP xx qcb+LK, st.LK-HP xx qcb+KK, j.MP xx qcb+LK, st.HP xx dp+LP, super

Lei: j.HP, cr.HP xx qcf+HK, cr.MP, cr.MP, cr.MP-HP xx qcf+pp, cr.HP xx qcf+HK, cr.MP, cr.MP, cr.MP-HP xx super

Blanka: Charge counter hit, j.HP, j.HP, cr.MK xx super

Cody: j.HK, frwd+MP, st.MP, cr.MP xx donk, st.HP xx ex.donk, st.HP xx ex.donk, st.HK xx ex.donk, st.HK

Alissa: j.HK, st.LP, st.MP, cr.LP, st.MK-MP, cr.LP, cr.LP-st-MP-cr.HP xx qcf+KK~P xx cr.HP, qcf+KK~P xx cr.HP xx qcf+PP~P, st.MK, st.MP, st.MP, cr.HP xx qcf+K~P

Christie: J.HK, st.MP, cr.LK-st.MK-st.HP xx qcf+PP, cr.MK-cr.HP xx super

Bryan: j.HK, Target combo, st.MP, st.LP-MP-HP xx qcb+PP, cr.LP xx qcf+HP~PP, cr.LP-HP xx super

Dudley: j.HK, frwd+MK~MK, frwd+LP~LP, frwd+LP~LP xx hcf+PP, j.HP, super

Lars: j.HK, cr.MP, cr.HP xx qcf+HP, cr.LK-stMP-HP xx qcf+PP, cr.HP xx qcf+HP, cr.LK-stMP-HP xx qcf+PP, cr.HP xx qcf+HP, cr.LK-stMP-HP xx qcf+PP, cr.HP xx qcf+HP, cr.MP, cr.MK xx qcf+LP~LP, cr.LK, cr.LP, cr.MP xx dp+HK


  1. Another awesome video desk. On an unrelated note, what j-fusion artists or albums do you reccomend?

    1. haha, thanks man. I'm a big fan of 'Dimension' if you haven't got into them yet. 'Pyramid' are also awesome but a little more laid back. It's though finding new stuff but I know there's a lot out there, let me know how you get on with those 2 :)

  2. Thanks a lot for the recommendations. They both sound really cool. I've only really listened to western fusion so it's refreshing to listen to j-fusion.