Monday 8 August 2011

[MvC3 - Advanced] Best of + Bonus

Here's another Machinima vid if you missed it. Compiling the best bits of the 'MvC3 - Advanced' series plus a bonus Spncer/Joe/Sent clip and some floaty Chun goodness near the end. I might start doing more vids in this style (for my channel) since I like the HD look.

Also, I haven't listened to the MvC3 soundtrack for more than 2/3 minutes when I first got the game back in February because I really, really didn't like it. I just realized though, that there are 1 or 2 tracks that I do enjoy, that's why Amaterasu's ended up in the is vid.


  1. 2nd song has to be either She-Hulks or Captain America's.

  2. Haha, I have to admit I still haven't heard all of the tracks but the other one I was thinking of isn't CapAm's or She-hulk's. It's a character who already had a theme from a different game.

    I'll be sure to check those tracks out though.

  3. CapAm's theme fails to me 'cause it's not nearly as good as the original version(s).

    What's up with the Floaty Chun?