Friday 29 April 2011

1-Frame of MvC3. No. 2


  1. ...
    wait... what?
    it looks like you somehow got Tron to whiff her Hyper... and do a cinematic hyper? (for the camera angle) before a match started o.O

    - wait... can i assume... it was a glitch with simultaneous THCs? and since Trons lasts longest... she's the only one left?

    -She Hulk just finished her lvl3 cinematic (her pose + camera angle)

    -soo... during Spencers team's THC... She-Hulk got close enough to do her lvl3...
    wait no... Spencers on point... and it looks like Shuma (the only one not seen) got hit with it.. and is behind Gustaff? but... he's an assist.

    i give up...

  2. NO! can it be... that as long as you're close enough! she hulk goes into animation!
    But Spencer who does THC goes past due to invincibility!... the rest are ignored cause you can't grab assists!
    That would make sense to me...
    especially if Trish was just an assist who was there...
    dunno if she'd be there with Bionic arm going through though... must have been REAL close.

    I am tempted to check, myself... but I want to hear the answer first!

  3. I really wish the jpeg quality wasn't so low on this picture. Could you either make it higher quality or PNG next time? This screenshot is way too awesome to be plagued by such ugly jpeg artifacts.

  4. Oh wow, my brain.. At least the shot's pretty looking. I'm not gonna try and rationalize it to myself though. I don't wanna hurt myself.

  5. phoenix@ yeah, I hear you about the quality. I promise that in a few weeks, it'll all be worth it though. And until then, I'll do my best :)

    @Adi. Where's the fun if I tell you how it's done? haha. Seriously though, there's more than 1 exploit going on and all of the character choices were deliberate. I will explain, in detail, every aspect of the set-up but it'll be in a bigger project I'll get around to in a few weeks. Hope I'm not being too annoying, lol. If you do try to reproduce it though, let me know how you get on.

  6. i will. I don't have shuma though =/ hope he isn't necesary

  7. hmm... ok... so.

    -she hulk CAN activate her hyper before the THC. but it wont be active. even on hit. Trish doesn't stay on for long enough to be in the ending cinematic...

    -cannot input anything after she hulk hyper activation.

    -if i do them simultaneously, she hulks grab animation goes through... since her hyper has alot of startup... so she outlasts bionic lancers inv.

    -hmm... maybe it was both THC's.. then xfactor for the... no... you have 2 bars left...

  8. Nice, but I'll wait till he gets all 6 on the screen at once.

    You know it'll happen XD

  9. =/ since every char was picked deliberately, and from constant trial i cannot get this to work. I don't have shuma. but i would like a few questions answered... does he have the eyeball special as an assist. and can it interrupt a cinematic that is already active?

    cause the only thing i can imagine is she hulk activating her lvl3 and shuma eyes blow up right after. meaning that spencers team can THC...

    i guess i can only focus on getting Trish to appear there after. meterlessly as well. =/

    I don't know how you do this stuff desk.

  10. Hahahaha man This one its Awsome!!! my head Just Explode trying to figure out how you made it...

    Great Job man

  11. No clue how you set this up, but very nicely done. I really like how it's composed.

  12. @Viz, Shuma eyeballs blow up on contact as an assist.

  13. Mystic stare then change character, then level 3? possibly.
    I think the trish there is another glitch where she stays in the screen even after performing the assist