Tuesday 3 May 2011

Dr. Doom can crash 2 different 360s, if he wants.

"DESK please get w/ a friend or someone who lets you do this to them online to see if you can lock up both machines!????"

This was basically a proof of concept, to see if was possible to simultaneously lock-up 2 machines at the same time.

Initially, it seemed like this wouldn't work. Firstly, attempting to properly time the single, stacked Hidden missile seemed to be very inconsistent under laggy online conditions. Secondly, for reasons that I can't explain, the game randomly speeds up after around 15 launchers, making the timing even more difficult. Finally, we were actually able to set off 25 Hidden missile launchers at one point and the game showed no signs of crashing (in normal gameplay 20 will lock-up your machine).

However, after a little more testing, it finally worked and I persuaded a friend of mine (the legendary WBW) to set-up a camera and begin filming for the video.

I was quickly able to get over the timing issue by triple tapping H every time and just trying to react to any speed changes in the gameplay. The MvC3 online code seemed to take care of the rest and it ended up being really straight forward.

We quickly found that the 'crash' threshold was 31 Missile launchers. 30 would do nothing but inflict a silly, 1 million+ in chipdamage (see 0:38). But whenever we hit 31, both machines would consistently lock-up.

I now have no doubt in my mind that, before the 1.03 update patch, when the Zero glitch was still possible. You could have entered a random online match, snapped back your opponents characters and then proceeded to tag in Dr. Doom and freeze both your own and your opponents machine (In normal gameplay, you could never get this glitch to work because it takes around 30seconds to set up and you can be easily interrupted at any point). Now, this would mean that anyone who didn't know about the glitch would get a possibly funny, possible infuriating surprise. And anyone who did know what was going on, would be forced to quit out of the game.

This isn't game breaking in normal gameplay but I have to assume that it will be removed in the next patch. Simply by forcing an extra few frames, during which time, Doom can't spawn another missile launcher.

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  1. That's a lot of chip! o.0

    Also look at Trish on the screen, maybe a hint to how you got so many characters on screen at once.