Sunday 15 April 2012

Cerebella CMV

Skullgirls is fun!

I've never played any guilty gear/blazblue style games for more than a couple of minutes, so getting used to the feel of this game and trying to figure out what is actually possible took a little while. It really payed off though because I've found the game to be really fun. This is in no small part due to it's awesome soundtrack and visuals. It actually reminds me of outrun, in the sense that it doesn't need to be engaging the whole time, I found that just taking in the stage backgrounds and listening to the music while coming up with stuff or practicing a combo was surprisingly fun. Of course, the game is super engaging when you're actually fighting or trying to nail some difficult set-up but it's not the only thing that kept me playing.


 1. j.HP, cr.LK-cr.MK xx jump, j.MP-j.MK [restand], st.MP [stagger], j.HK, cr.LP-cr.MP-st.HP xx LK-run xx stop, st.LP-MP-HP xx dp+HK

2. Combo!
j.HK, st.MP [stagger], j.HK, st.MK-crHP xx j.HP, st.LK-cr.HP xx j.MK-HP, st.LP-cr.HP xx j.MP-MK-HP, cr.LP-cr.HP xx j.LK-MP-MK, st.MP-crHP xx j.LP-MP-MK, cr.MP-cr.HP xx dp+LP+LK xx qcf+PP (ground bounce), cr.MK-cr.HP xx dp+LP+LK xx qcf+PP

3. j.MP-HP, cr.LK-cr.MK xx jump, j.LK-HK, cr.LK-cr.MK xx jump, j.MP-MK [restand], st.MP [stagger] run + MK, cr.HP xx jump, j.LP x5, cr.LP-MP-HP xx run xx stop, st.LP-MP-HP xx dp+HP

 4. Fuerte!
st.LP-MP-HP xx run xx stop, cr.LP-MP-HP xx run xx stop, cr.LP-MP-HP xx run xx stop, st.LP-MP-HP xx qcb+PP

5. Using super armor to absorb an infinite escape and punish with an air brag. This cannot be mashed out of or blocked from my testing and can only be escaped with a reversal air super. Of course, this set-up relies on your opponent bursting at the earliest available opportunity. Still, interesting to note.
[from the st.MP that triggers IPS]... st.MP xx run [absorb 1 hit] xx stop, jump, j.qcf+LP+LK

6. Excellent!
cr.MK xx dp+MP, cr.MK xx dp+MP, cr.MK xx dp+MP, st.LK-cr.MK xx dp+MP, st.LP-cr.MK xx dp+MP, dash, cr.LK-cr.MK xx dp+MP, cr.MP xx qcf+PP

7. A variation on combo number one, demonstrating the ability to get 2 supers midscreen. I was mash teching P2 with my feet during this clip to make sure it was legit. If the cr.LP is a frame or 2 later, it is techable.

8. Was super happy when I finally landed this combo. Took so much planning!!
j.HP, cr.MP-cr.HP xx dp+LP+LK xx qcf+PP, cr.HK xx dp+MP, cr.LK-cr.MK xx dp+MP, st.MK-cr.HP xx jump, j.HP, st.LK-cr.HP xx jump, j.MP-MK-HP, st.LP-cr.HP xx jump, j.LP-MP-MK, st.MP xx dp+MP, cr.LP-cr.MK xx dp+MP, cr.MP-cr.HP xx jump, j.LK-MP-MK, dp+LP

9. All 3 Supers!
j.HK, st.HP xx qcb+PP, cr.MP-cr.HP xx jump, LPx6, st.LP-LP-MP-cr.HP xx dp+LP+LK xx qcf+PP, cr.LP-cr.HP xx jump, j.HP, cr.MK xx jump, j.MP-MK [restand], st.MP [stagger] 360+LP+LK


  1. I'm glad I helped you get interested in this game hun! I can't wait to see more epicness to come ^_^

    1. and lol @7. You did take my advice about the feet XD

  2. Gah! Skullgirls still not out on EU PSN. I need to play this.

    Great vid, look forward to more!

  3. Why do you think its more like GG/BB than Marvel..? The comboability and assists certainly seem to make it much more like marvel games than GG/BB, and Mike Z took more inspiration from vs series games argueably than arcsys games.

    1. I guess the size of the vertical playing field? It just generally doesn't feel much like marvel to me. I mean, I can't say it's just like GG/BB because I haven't spent anytime with them but they look [like they play] fairly similar.

  4. What are the conditions for the "Excellent" loop to juggle correctly ? I've been trying it, but I can't seem to land the second unless the opponent is landing in the corner. Do you have to dash/run stop/anything ? Or does it only work on Peacock ? (I've been trying it on Ms. Fortune) Thx

    Awesome video btw, your CMV are always great to watch, can't wait to see what more you have to do on SG :)

    1. Yeah, you have to delay the cancel on some of the reps, plus I think the midscreen version might be light characters or even peacock only.

      Thanks dude, might rock a full multi-character CMV next :)