Thursday 8 March 2012


So hype to actually have the game!

In the first clip you see pandora freeze being interrupted by another pandora, then a super (which will always whiff and causes that character to teleport). Notice that the player who activates pandora 1st somehow manages to win the round (this can never happen in normal gameplay). Further in, some post cinematic super fun vs Ryu and combing into and out of super with Ken. I'm pretty sure none of these things are meant to happen.

It's still a little early but I'm hoping to get tons of sfxt vids up in the coming weeks and expect this stuff to be covered in detail very soon.


Raven + Chun - J.HP, cr.LP, cr.HP xx qcb+P [charge] xx dash, cr.HP xx qcb+P [charge] xx dash, cr.HP xx qcb+P [charge] xx dash, cr.HP xx qcb+P [charge] xx dash, cr.HP xx switch [Chun] bk+MK-MK xx jump, j.HK, st.HK xx switch [Raven], cr.HP xx qcb+P [charge] xx dash, cr.HP xx qcb+P [charge] xx dash, cr.HP xx qcb+P [charge] xx dash, cr.HP xx qcb+PP [charge] xx back dash* Gains a counter-hit on next attack

Ken + Julia - 3 crumples!
qcb+K [charge] xx dash, counter-hit far st.HK, cr.MK xx qcb+K xx switch [Julia] cr.HP xx qcf+HP, fwrd+MK-MP-HP xx qcf+LK, cr.LP, cr.LP, bk+MP-MP, bk+MP-MP, cr.HP xx hcf+HP

Jin + Akuma - Using the Jin glitch. The reason this is stupidly difficult is that Jin's target combo must start from a far LP. This attack must whiff, then the 2 hit must hit as high as possible for the 3rd 'glitch' part to connect. That's why you see Jin walk back after every tag.
j.HK, Target combo (LP-LK-MP-LP...), cr.LK-MK-st.HK xx launch [Akuma] cr.MP, cr.MK xx dp+HP xx switch [Jin] Target combo (far LP-MP-LK), Tag [Akuma] dp+HP xx switch [Jin] Target combo (far LP-MP-LK), Tag [Akuma] dp+HP xx switch [Jin] Target combo (far LP-MP-LK), Tag [Akuma] cr.HP xx dp+HP

Ryu + Cammy - I can not explain how horrifically difficult this is to set-up. Forcing myself to do it without infinite meter was beyond a joke. Ryu's ex.dp hitbox cannot usually hit behind himself but there's a frame or 2 when you can connect it vs a character who is above you, then they land behind. The first hit gives enough hit stun to safely tag in cammy and rock a fairly simple st.HK jump cancel combo.
j.MP, dp+LP, dp+PP xx switch [Cammy] st.HK xx jump, qcb+hk, cr.HP, cr.MK xx qcf+HK

Akuma + Heihachi - j.qcf+MP, j.HK, st.HK, cr.MP, cr.MK xx qcb+LK, cr.MP, st.MK-HP xx hcb+PP, qcb+HK xx switch [Heihachi] cr.MP xx dp+MP, st.HP xx dp+K-P xx switch [Akuma] cr.MP, st.HK, qcb+HK

Ken + Abel - Comboing after a cinematic Super!
cr.LK-MK-st.HK xx qcb+KK, cr.LK-MK-st.HK xx Super, cr.LK-MK-st.HK-Launch [Abel] frwd+MK xx dash,
frwd+MK xx dash, frwd+MK xx dash, st.HP xx dp+HP


  1. Very, very nice. I'm feeling that Happy Birthday combos will be really interesting in the long run.

  2. No explanation on what is going on with the floating ryu in the hugo clip?

  3. ...That Akuma combo with Heihachi, i'll have to steal it lol thank you very kindly! (Also what would you name this track? / what's it called if taken from elsewhere?)

  4. Hey desk is there any way to combo in to pandora with out a wall bounce now that they have patched the game?

    1. The method I use in the team combo exhibition (Chun, jump cancelled st.HK xx pandora). It hasn't been patched out and I'm pretty sure it never will.

    2. so only with jump cancels? Is there any way with akuma/raven?

  5. some cammy stuff if you're interested in:, jump cancel links into normal cs.

    thought that there might be an infinity with jump cancel, mk spiral~ but you need to hit them at their ankle to be able to combo afterwards. might be something only you can confirm. ;)


    1. I do that in this video! lol. Also, I've captured a few more bits with cammy that I'm pretty pleased with, they'll be showing up in CMV2 :)

      thanks dude