Tuesday 19 July 2011

SSFIVAE: Chun Li Infinite [by hand]

This marks my first video for the Machinima Network. I know a lot of people had suggested I try to branch out and specifically suggested Machinima. All of that encouragement was very much appreciated, and I thank you all for the support. I will still be uploading just as much content on my own channel (as soon as the evo project is out of the way) and anything I make for machinima will be covered here on my blog. So if you don't want to miss anything, be sure to bookmark this page or click the 'Follow by Email' box to the top-right of the page!

I've never seen or heard of anyone demonstrating this little known infinite by hand. I'm guessing that's why Capcom have chosen not to remove it in any updates or patches since it's discovery in 2009. If you have the standard Chun loop down, it's very doable in a real match. All you have to do is react to the extended medium legs getting 2/3 hits and time the cr. heavy punch accordingly (probably the least difficult aspect of the combo).

Incredibly lengthy transcript:
[cr. HP xx H-LL xx M-LL] repeat

Chun Li also has some corner specific infinites. As you can see @0:45 into this video.


  1. Incredibly, the linked Nico video has had less than 600 views. You'll see the training record playback fail at the moment the extended legs goes from 3 to 2 hits. At that point, you must alter the timing of the next cr. HP to continue the combo.

  2. Truly love your work Desk! I was once a Regional SFII champ way back in the day with Chun, though I've unfortunately had to take on college and responsibilities long since then. I still play SF but have lost a lot of my skills, and don't have the time to dedicate to perfecting many of the amazing skills you display! Thanks for your blog, your tutorials and carrying on the Legend of Chun Li!

  3. Thanks man, appreciate you taking the time to write that. SF2 is about as old skool as you can get, you have my full respect :)

    I will endeavor to use Chun Li in all new fighting games!

  4. Why don't you make a combo videos from Guilty Gear series? You're an amazing player, really will be so easy for you and impressive xD

    And I hope to see more others videos made for you and of anothers fighting games :D

  5. I don't know dude. I feel like I barely have enough time to play new Capcom games. I was actually going to pick up MK9 but that didn't work out either. I have to genuinely enjoy playing the game I'm making videos for. I don't want it to ever turn into a chore.

    Thanks man. At the very least, hopefully I'll be able to keep up with new Capcom releases :)

  6. Well, I try HAHAHAHA

    By the way, Street Fighter Alpha 3 is my favorite fighting game, and Street Fighter 3 Third Strike is the second...

    I would like a lot to see you making videos about this games.

    But thanks for answer me.

    The fact of you to make videos for only funny and not for chore make me admire you so much as player ^^

    But still think that you should play in tournaments xD

  7. Thanks dude. I already have some stuff planned for 3rd Strike Online :)

  8. Might be a stupid question, but it looks beautiful; Where did you aquire your fightstick from?

  9. If you are starting to play fighting games especially Street fighter then you should lean how to do infinite combos and master the character that you want and you should also learn how to use some of their special skills.

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  10. Man !!! I am searching all the time for combo movies I think it is very fun to come out with something new before anyone else , I will be honest with you to me and my friends you are #1 street fighter player until now but we are always wondering y don't you subscripe to EVO !?

  11. desk help me, i do cr.fierce with mk, after hk-mk-lk-hk very quicky but dont work, i do the loops in my ps1 controller and i dont have problem but i change to stick and i can do that, please help me, new video tutorial or something