Monday 16 May 2011

MvC3 Advanced: DHC 2

Spencer is one of the few characters who can practically, set-up the DHC trick and combo out of it from another character (in this case x-23).

Full Transcript:
[X-23] (St. H xx L-Mirage Feint xx cancel) x5, j. M-M-H-S, st. M-S, sj. M-M-H-S, call Chun Li γ assist, Charged Ankle Slice xx Weapon X Prime xx DHC [Spencer] Bionic Maneuvers (whiff), cr. L, St. M-H-S, sj. M-M-H-S, j. H-Grapple, j. S, st. M xx fb xx Bionic Maneuvers xx DHC [X-23] Silent Kill Activate, (St. H xx L-Mirage Feint xx cancel) x2, H xx Silent Kill Hit,*dash forward* xx Charged Ankle Slice

Note: Mirage Feint canceling in this combo is achieved but performing a quarter-circle back and holding L, then hitting S. This will return you a neutral state and allow you to continue the combo.

This combo is not intended to be practical. It is inescapable and doesn't use X-Factor. Hits 1 Million Damage with 1.2 meters spent and ends at 1.938 Damage.


  1. @ Joe Kawakami. Just updated. Is it any clearer now?

  2. wow.
    if Capcom make it so that the default damage will equal to what we now know as "low", i think Spencer/X23/Deadpool/Sentinel/Jill/Tron/Wesker/Thor/Taskmaster (characters who can easily start and or recieve DHC trick while also gaining meter will shoot up the ranks, especially those like taskmaster who requires no wall/ground bounce to get 900k damage with one meter.