Friday 27 May 2011

SSFIV: 191-hit Chun Combo

So, if you haven't been keeping score, my previous best attempt was 149. Since then, Majestros managed 181 in his awesome, tool-assisted Chun Li combo vid. So, sticking with my self-imposed rule of performing the combo on a standing opponent, this is my latest attempt to hit the 'highest combo' ceiling. Performed outside of training mode to prove that I'm hardcore.
Notes: The reason this is such a huge improvement over the previous video is that, with super precise spacing, you can get 4 reps of the legs loop against boxer, into another cr. fierce. Allowing you to fadc forward and start again. Due to his stun rating, this means you can squeeze in quite a few more hits than you can against Abel. Unfortunately, even if you have the legs loop down 100%, this is still very, very, very difficult because of the spacing issues.

The 2x whiffed RH legs during stun are vital to build the meter required for the 2nd half of the combo.

The combo count at the moment Boxer is stunned is 101 and the following combo is 90 hits.

*Made some corrections and clarifications 29/5/11

Music: Bonus: Mikado Dreamtime by Project Dolphin


  1. Oh man!!
    I love how you got just enough meter for another FADC thanks to those Legs during the dizzy!
    Awesome :)

  2. wheres the chun li tutorial? :)

  3. All Hail Master Desk, Thx bro i now its off subject here but i main Spencer and thx to you im Rocking out with spencer so Thx my friend and keep it up Man, Respect.