Monday 27 February 2012

SFxT Combo Vid No.2 + Megamix stream video

Team Combos!

Without playing the game, the switch cancel juggle stuff might look a little crazy but not only is it mostly corner only and not easy at all but it's rarely a good use of meter due to damage scaling (certainly not when spending all 3 stocks). So it's unlikely you'd ever see it in game. There's a ton of new stuff in here but don't expect it to become 'standard'. You need only look at any other CMV and try to spot how many combos became B+Bs or were even once performed in a competitve environment.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below but my general feelings towards the game were super positive. It's difficult to describe how fun/rewarding the combo+tag system is without actually trying it out first and I'm hyped to see what people can figure out with Pandora when the game finally gets released (contrary to popular belief, there is actually potential there... as long as you have less than 25% health!).


Hugo: Even though damage scaling kicks in with avengeance, still quite a damaging combo.
j.HK, cr.MP xx LP.Palm, cr.MP xx EX.palm xx switch cancel [King] knee, knee, knee, knee xx switch cancel [Hugo] cr.LP xx LP.palm, cr.LP xx HK.back breaker

Paul: Walking between jabs!
j.HK, st.MP, walk, st.LP, walk, st.LP, walk, st.LP-MP-HP-Launch [Law] cr.MP xx MK.flip, cr.MP xx Team super

Kuma: Following the same formular as the Paul+Law combo. Jump-in, normal, chain, tag, juggle, teamsuper!
j.HP, Target combo, cr.LK-st.MP-HP-Launch [heihachi] frwd+LP-MP, st.HP xx Team super

Rufus: Getting jumping attacks in switch cancel combos like this is either very situational or just generally very difficult. Rufus must leave the opponet super high before the final switch cancel to enable the SRK juggle from Bob (which only becomes active after it has left the ground). Much, much more difficult than it looks.
j.MK, LP.snake strike, cr.MK xx HP.Tornado xx switch cancel [Bob] j.MP, cr.MP xx cracker xx switch cancel [Rufus] st.LK-HK, st.HP xx HP.snake strike xx switch cancel [Bob] j.MP, cr.HP xx Shoryuken!!

Rolento: Straight forward team super combo. Rolento can walk inbetween his st.LPs.
j.MK, cr.MP, st.LP, walk, st.LP, cr.MK xx HP. Rekka, st.MK, st.MK, cr.MK xx team super

Law: A proper CMV combo! This one kept getting bigger the more I thought about it. Very, very difficult and never going to happen in a match. The guile links are all super tight, especially that final cr.MK-HK-launch. The post switch cancel stuff always pushes the juggle limit to the point that nothing else will connect, then resets that limit by switch cancelling again. Definitely one of my fav combos in this video
st.HP, st.MP, cr.MP, cr.MP xx HK.shaolin spin kick xx switch cancel [Guile] LP.boom, cr.LP, st.MP xx LP.boom, cr.LP, cr.MP xx LP.boom, cr.MK-st.HK-launch [Law] target combo, cr.MP xx fury fist rush xx switch cancel [Guile] st.MP, cr.MP, cr.MP xx HK.flashkick xx switch cancel [Law] cr.MP xx MK.flipkick, cr.MP xx MK.flipkick-flipkick, MK.flipkick

Chun: Taking the concepts from both the Chun and cammy combos from the solo vid.
j.HK, st.MP xx HK.legs, st.LP-MP-HP xx EX.fireball, st.MP xx HK.legs, st.LP-MK-HP launch [Cammy] st.MP, cr.MP, cr.MP xx cannon spike xx switch cancel [Chun] st.MP, st.MP, st.MP xx switch cancel [Cammy] st.MP, cr.MP, cr.MP, cr.HK

Ken: One of the ideas I had before getting to play the game was the possibility of changing the properties of moves mid combo with the counter-hit charge mechanic (holding a special to Lv.2 then dashing out of it). Intially, only so I could combo into moves that wouldn't normally connect but after dicovering counter-hit crumples, this seemed like a much better example. I was amazed to find that it actually worked.
j.HP, cr.MP, cr.LK xx HK.Tatsu xx switch cancel [Claw] j.HP, st.HP xx HP.roll xx switch cancel [Ken] ex.Tatsu (Hold) xx back dash, st.HK (counter hit), reverse throw

Marduk: The Gator slam (anti-air grab) xx switch cancel must be the single tightest link in all of SFxT. Again, realising there was time to juggle with a free super was an awesome surprise. Interestingly, Ryu's commands are always relative to yoshimitsu. This means that even inputting a simple Hadoken motion proved to be hella difficult due to the fact that Yoshimitsu is swapping sides very rapidly.
frwd+HP, cr.LK-st.MP-HP, EX.running grab, target combo, cr.MP xx ex.gator slam xx switch cancel [Ryu] LP.fireball (hold to lvl.3)

Ken: Do not expect to ever see this happen, ever. Charging the tatsus to Lv.2 isn't easy (both the input and release). Getting Chun to connect st.HK then a jump combo is also quite tight and chun needs to be in the corner with her back to it and jump cancel pandora as early as possible for the post-pandora ken combo to connect. Performed in vs mode so that the Pandora doesn't destroy the combo when running out, forcing Ken+Chun to lose the round.
j.HK, st.HK xx HK.Tatsu xx switch cancel [Chun]st.HK xx jump, j.HP-HP, cr.HP xx HK.sbk xx switch cancel [Ken] HK.tatsu (hold to lvl.2), cr.MK xx HK.Tatsu xx switch cancel [Chun] st.HK xx jump, j.LK, st.HK xx jump xx Pandora [Ken] cr.MK xx EX.Tatsu, cr.LK-st.MK xx EX.Tatsu, cr.LK-MK xx EX.tatsu, HP.Shoryuken

[Ryu] SRK, SRK, SRK xx switch cancel [TORO] SRK, SRK xx switch cancel [Ryu] SRK, SRK xx switch cancel [TORO] SRK, SRK.

Also, here's the 'megamix' vid I put together for Dawgtanian that was shown on stream yesterday. It's like a mini best of that was made to get stream monsters hype for the game and it features the completely awesome MAD stage themes.

Conclusion: I feel like I had to 'make do' a little too much when getting these clips because I was so short on time. I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out but I know the combos and the system in general can be pushed much further. Plus. it just makes me more hyped to have my own copy.

The game itself is really fun and I can't be the only one to think that having true 2v2 battles/tournaments is going to be awesome. Coming up with tag set-ups and 2 player combos with another player (plus being able to work them out in 2 plater co-op training mode!) or even just getting to see top players having to work together in competition and seeing what stuff they come up with is something I can't wait to see.

Get hype!


  1. Do you still have access to those stage themes? If so, could you upload them? I'm guessing you won't be able to do that for one reason or another, but it's worth asking, right?

    1. haha, it was worth a shot but yeah, I can't unfortunately. Apparently it was super difficult to even get those MAD stage themes so I could use them in the stream vid. I've been asking for some other tracks too but nothing yet :(

    2. Baaaw, well, I guess I'll have to wait a week more then :P

      Btw, that EX gator slam combo, you think it'll work with Heihachi's super as well? I'm thinking about using his super in situations like that since it has an animation, which makes it a more pleasing finisher.

      Anyway, some really nice stuff in there, especially the jump cancel to pandora. Great work!

    3. Yeah, definitely. It's sooooo much more difficult than it looks though, unless they changed it in the final build. You can't switch cancel stuff if it doesn't connect and you obviously can't cancel throws once they've started. It actually seemed like, unless you hit MP+MK on the actual frame the throw connects, it just doesn't work.

      Much appreciated dude and I'm glad I can kind of vaguely help with the stuff I managed to test, lol. Got so many more ideas I can't wait to try out though!

  2. Great combos desk, was wondering whether u knew if experience in AE or umvc3 will pay off in this game, i'm experienced in AE and my friend is experienced in umvc3 so was wondering which one of us will be at an advantage in this game, will i have the advantage as i'm really hoping i do lol

    1. haha, not sure if I can settle that one. Why don't you go online and play as a team?

    2. Not a chance of that happening, when we play it gets way too competitive lol. Seeing as your pretty much a BEAST at AE & umvc3, which game do you feel it felt like more? Does pulling off combos feel the same as AE or umvc3, is the timing unique or like AE/umvc3?
      BTW those mad gear stage themes pretty awesome, nice job on busting them out of the CAPCOM vault lol

    3. I'd say it feels more like SFIV in general but the chain timing is a lot like MvC3. The slightly more advanced link stuff is exactly like SFIV but I know there are some quite marvel stlye characters and mix-ups in there too.

      So yeah, you might have the slight advantage at first but I wouldn't get too comfortable, lol.

  3. Do you think Ken can jump cancel his dp into pandora mode, and let character nr. 2 continue with a combo?

    1. The special has to be jump cancel-able to begin with and Ken's dp is not :(

    2. Wait.. I was hearing that it was jump cancable from Spooky and Hornett during cross assult? Thats why Hornett was able to do dp into dp.

  4. God damnit, upload the songs already! TOO GOOD MAN.

    1. I meant your remix, my bad. :P

    2. Ye Desk plz upload the remix :D!!!

    3. Many thanks man. I have a bit of a backlog of unreleased stuff but I'll try to get it all sorted out and up on bandcamp (for free obviously).

  5. first of all thank u and congratulations.comparing the time that was available....the combos and the editing...u sir should be proud of yourself.
    i hope u answer my questions:
    1)in the solo combovid was cammy's divekick instant as it was in ssfiv.
    2)is walking between jabs gonna be used more often than ssfiv ae?
    3)u talked in the last comment about co-op combos and stuff.
    would u do it?i mean would u consider doing a combo video with someone else?if yes...who?(if u can reach sakonoko that would be great)
    4) is a video idea when u get ur about you vs cpu scramble mode...where u control each character with one hand as in ur last third strike video.
    thanks in advance.

    1. 1) yeah but it just didn't seem as good as it was. Think maybe there's a big difference in the hit box

      2) it's just like SFIV so, I'd imagine it'll be used just as much (which is generally not at all, lol)

      3) I'm not sure but the idea is exciting. Haha, if I can make friends with Sako and get him to come to my house to do combos, I'll definitely do it :)

      4) Yeah, I've got a few tag ideas but I might have to keep them secret until the game comes out.

      thanks man!

  6. Hi Desk,

    I have been looking forward to this combo video and you did a great job given for such a short amount of time with the game. Hats off to you!

    My question arises specifically after watching the Ken/Claw counter-hit combo:

    For crumple state caused by counter hit, how does the opponent fall to the ground in SFxT? Is it similar to SF4?

    i.e. ground state ... followed by air state (when the character drops to their knees)

    ... or do they simply stay in ground state during the entire "crumple"?

    If the opponent does in fact enter air state, what happens when you hit them with a (non-counter-hit) normal?
    a) they enter juggle state?
    b) you can only hit them once and they "flip" back on their feet? (like in SF4?)
    c) something else?

    Last Set of Questions re: Counter Hit Crumple Normal Attacks

    Did you try to *juggle* with counter-hit crumple normals? I am curious if there is any special considerations given when this happens? Maybe things like:

    - the juggle potential properties?
    - will the dummy continue to remain in juggle state? or are they in a different state? Perhaps "Air Crumple" state? (lols? does that even make sense?)

    (I am assuming that it is possible where there is enough time for you to charge, dash fwd and attack while the opponent is free falling in juggle state)

    Thanks in advanced for taking my questions. These are a couple of things I wanted to test myself but I don't have a copy of the game (yet), so that's why I am bugging you :)

    I look forward to your reply!

    - Justin
    JayWang on [SRK]

    1. Hey man, I wrote a big comment about this in the previous post. I'll copy paste it here but before that I'm 99% certain you just get a regular juggle state with the same properties(I did try that), nothing more special than that I don't think.
      Crumple works just like SFIV. There's a period during which you can combo into a standard ground string then after a set amount of time everything will juggle them instead. You can be thrown during the 'ground' period of the crumple. I'm 99% certain you can do it multiple times during a combo and if I had to guess, because they work so much like they do in SFIV, I'd say you could almost certainly jump into airgrabs from a crumple. I'm not sure if it's still possible to ground someone with a crumple, is it? I know Yoshimitsu used to be able to but it has since been removed.

      From what I remember, they do not reset, you can just keep juggling them when they enter the 2nd state.

      Hope that helps dude

  7. That Ken-Chun combo lol. Good stuff as always hun =3

  8. Desk, this is Knives_Kountry from NY. You are the god of combo vids ::bows:: but you're also the god of remixes man. Is there anyway I could get a collection of your mixes? I'd love to have them on my player for the next EC Major I go to.

    1. Many thanks dude. There's a bunch of stuff for free on bandcamp but I just haven't got around to finishing+releasing the newer tracks. There might be something worth putting up after the game drops though. I'll keep you updated!

    2. Ahhhh you're from the UK! That explains why Di3minion is always echoing when I say "Yoo Desk is GDLK" "YEAH HE IS!" I appreciate the British swag my friend. Well man, I'd be down with donating if it helps you get the tracks out at all. I understand both the self producing musician and Fighting game role. 2 weird worlds to reconcile, and both cost money. Let me know if I can help.

    3. Thanks a lot, dude. It's just time at the moment unfortunately (or lack thereof). Really appreciate the offer though!

  9. Hey Desk, I am Rick from HongKong, wanted to ask you few questions for a long time, please answer them if you feel like it =d

    1/ Where are you from and why aren't you doing tourny =? ( I know this is not related to he game)
    2/ Do you think the game is balance overall? In general, SF vs Tekken Characters?
    3/ The juggling system looks a bit weird in this game, quite similar to Street Fighter Ex2 Plus, but somehow different, so do you think it will be hard for beginners like me to learn?

    Thanks dude! =3
    Fan from oversea!

    1. I'm from the UK and let's just say the tournament scene here isn't perfect. I did compete a lot between 2006-2009 though and I was able to quit and be pretty happy with how that all went.

      It's far too early for me to say since there are apparently 100s of other people who've already spend much, much more time with the game than me already. I'd probably say the tekken characters have the edge in general though.

      Not at all, it's cool because there always seems to be a more difficult, more damaging version of an easy combo for those who want to do it, but the standard juggles are quite straight forward (plus you never have to worry about FADC cancels). A quick example, Heihachi can juggle with cr.LK xx Upper 2/3 times but you can substitute the cr.LK for a st.HP which is a much tighter link but scores more damage.

      It is easy to get into but there's some depth there too.

      Thanks for taking the time man:)

  10. You know you say moves can't be tag cancelled on whiff, is this for all moves, or is it like with focus cancels in SF4, where fireballs can always be tag cancelled and certain moves can be tag cancelled before hitting?

  11. whats the timing to connect lp, mp, hp chain after the HK Legs?

  12. I like the new look of thehtml5 video player Player is faster is better and my slow computer with crappy video card will not got slow anymore, nice job you guys!

  13. Yo Desk, I have played around with Cammy's jc normal and found that you can press jump at any time during the hk. The Jump will always happen at the same time, meaning you don't have to add up forward or up at the end of specials to get jc moves. You just have to time it in the jump frames.

    When I realized this I found a basic pandora combo with my cammy gief team. Cl hk jc pandora, ex green hand st mp st mp st mk xx st hk. This works full screen. You need to ex green hand straight away because of the push back. I have found that the cancel is mashable, when I found out the j part does nt require timing.

    I enjoy you stuff keep up thegood work