Monday 12 March 2012


I didn't want to upload this yet!

I can't take credit for being first to document it, the after effects of the float glitch turned up a week ago on Dath1rd's youtube channel but I was still hyped when I figured out how to do it. Yet another vid showed up a few hours ago showing how it's done and even though I wanted to have a bit of time before editing CMV2 together and releasing it, I kind of feel like I had to get it done today since my opening clip was going to have a massively reduced impact :(

So the quick combo system unfortunately works a little too much like the V-ism system from Zero3 and it's just as glitchy. It can affect your trajectory through the air when kara'd with another move (when using something like Ryu's HK.Tatsu) or can flat out freeze you (Akuma's EX.Tatsu) without anyway of getting down, short of being hit from your opponent.

*[Editors silly question to everyone reading] Is it possible to turn off quick combos? If so, how? Though I didn't try for too long, it didn't look like it was possible when I tried


Cammy - j.HP, st.HK xx jump, qcb+pp, st.HK xx jump, qcb+kk, st.HK xx jump, qcb+kk, st.HK xx jump, qcb+HK, st.MP, walk, st.LP, walk, st.LP, walk, st.LP, walk, st.LP-MP-cr.HK

Abel - j.HK, st.MP-HP xx ex.shoulder charge, ex.shoulder charge, cr.HP xx ex.shoulder charge, cr.HP xx dp+p

Law & Rolento - j.HK, st.MP, cr.MP, cr.MP xx qcb+k xx switch,[Rolento] j.MP, st.LP, walk, st.LP, walk, st.LP, walk, st.LP, walk, st.LP, walk, st.LP xx qcf+HP, qcf+HP xx switch [Law] st.LP, cr.MP, cr.MP xx qcb+k xx switch [Rolento] j.MP, st.LP, walk, st.LP, walk, st.LP, walk, st.LP, walk, st.LP, walk, st.LP xx qcf+HP, qcf+HP, qcf+p, st.HK, st.HK, cr.MK xx qcf+p, qcf+p

Boxer - j.HP, cr.MK, cr.MP xx b~f+kk, st.LP-cr.MP xx b~df+kk, cr.MP, cr.MP xx b~df+kk

Jin & Marduk - Target combo (LP-MP-LK), target combo, target combo, Tag [Marduk] cr.HP xx dp+pp xx switch [Jin] target combo, target combo, target combo, super

Chun - hcf+LP, j.d+MK, j.HPx2, st.HK xx hcf+HK~HK, st.LP-MP-HP xx hcf+pp, cr.HP xx hcb+LK, cr.LP, st.MP, st.HP xx hcf+pp, st.MP xx hcf+HK~HK, st.LP-MP-HP, cr.HP xx hcb+LK, cr.LK, bk+MK-MK xx jump, j.HK, st.HK xx hcf+k [charge] xx dash, st.HK, hcb+LK

Kazuya -, cr.MP, cr.HP xx mist step xx mist step xx electric, st.HP xx mist step xx mist step xx electric, cr.MK xx mist step xx mist step xx electric

Marduk & Xiaoyu - j.MK, cr.LP-MP-HP xx hcb+k [charge] xx dash, cr.LK-HP xx hcb+kk xx switch [Xiaoyu] Taunt!

Juri & Chun - qcf+lk, qcf+mk, qcf+HK, j.m, cr.HP xx release-hk, cr.HP xx release-mk, cr.MK xx release-lk, xx qcb+lk xx switch [Chun] cr.lp, cr.hp xx d~u+hk xx switch [Juri] dash back, qcf+lk, xx release-lk, xx qcb+mk, cr.hp xx jump, j.hp, xx qcf+hk xx switch [Chun] xx hcf+lk [charge] xx dash, xx jump, j.d+mkx3

Tomorrow: infinity combo!!


  1. a LOT of the in air specials in the game, shoryus, etc, are actually coded to end when your character hits the ground, and the animation just stops on the last frame until that happens.

    Something about the quick combo thing kills the moment? Interesting!

    desk, I am working on producing the same stuff I did for AE. check it out, although its a work in progress!

    1. That's awesome. Would love to see why exactly Jin's glitch kick has that effect on airborne characters and why a bunch of other weird things happen as they do.

  2. There's no way to turn of the Quick combos that I know of.

    Also, I was hoping you wouldn't find the Jin glitch re-juggle, I was saving that :P

    Btw, how do you tag cancel airgrabs? I've tried but I just can't do it. Do you have to time the trigger hit by the frame or what?

    1. What was your Jin set-up? Do you mean getting it 3 times? I thought it might be an infinite so it was literally the first thing I tried, lol. with a bit of work you could probably get 9 loops with the right 2nd character to tag into.

      Regarding the grab xx switch thing, I spoke about it a little in the very first vid. It's the most difficult link in the whole game imo. feels like 1 frame and even then if the grab doesn't hit/activate on the first possible frame that it can, it doesn't seem to work at all (not 100% sure on that though). There's no trick it's just mad difficult. You have to hit it on the frame it connects, before or after that, it's impossible to tag (because you can't cancel whiffed moves nor can you cancel after a throw has connected).

      I'm super dissapointed that you can't turn off the quick combos, completely ruins a bunch of tech I was thinking about :(

    2. Yeah, same here, surprises me that no one posted it before this. I do have a set-up with 9 glitch kicks in a row actually. Might be able to do 11 with the use of meter gems.

      I was afraid it was something like that... I don't think I'll use it, at least not for a while :P I've barely adjusted to the new link timing yet.

    I imagine this isn't the case but on the off chance you aren't familiar with xiaoyu's potential. (outside of her epic taunt)

    Canceling a stance cancel seems like it would be right up your alley.

  4. Maybe of interest...

    Capcom: "Infinite combos were a complete mistake ... we’re working (to) get a patch out as soon as possible"

    Challenge accepted? ;)

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