Monday 9 January 2012


I get tons of mail about what kind of things to practice and/or what techniques to work on to improve execution. I originally intended this to be simple, visual examples of plinking (both timing and frequency of use) but it soon turned into something hopefully a little more interesting. Also, I haven't had access to a camera for a little while and since now I do, I wanted to do something with direct feed + actual inputs.

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By far the most difficult clips to capture were the final 2, in which many, many 1 frame links are required but plinking can not be used, as LP has no button of a lower priority (other than select/back) and plinking standing LK will result in a throw.

Combo by Combo rundown...

Akuma: Lots of cr.MP plinking (using LP). This is a great way to improve timing and general plinking technique. It's just as effective if you do the same with Ryu too.

Dictator: Lots of cr.LK plinking, using LP. Also includes some tight, unplinkible LP links.

Gief: LPs and a standing 720.

Honda 1: LK plinks and 3 finger HHS techniques. Honda has to walk forward after the first set in order for the rest to combo.

Oni: Standing MP plinks, again using LP. Fairly standard but another great practice exercise to improve technique.

E.Ryu: A combo from my first E.Ryu video. Plinking cr/st. MP and st.HP. This makes his pre/post overhead kick combos more manageable

Akuma: Generally massively difficult. The timing on all 3 air fireballs is very tight, as is the positioning and timing on the st.HK, st.LP (which must be meaty), st.HK, cr.HK. Plinking is used wherever it is possible.

Chun Li: A variation on her standard corner infinite vs crouching Chun Li. Much more difficult, especially the charge timing but definitely more fun and interesting. The cr.HP are always carefully plinked, as they can easily go wrong

Cammy: The cr.MP near the begininning of this combo will only connect if Cammy walks forward between the first and second st.MPs. The middle section is standard but she must also walk forward between every st.LP during the final section in order for the cr.MK to connect.

Hyper Difficulty section!

Honda2: Annoyingly I had to actually practice this one a bunch before I was able to capture it, as the techniques involved are so specific (and frustratingly difficult at first). Several EX.HHS buffering techniques are demonstrated here, using the default button layout (with PPP+KKK macros).

The first is simply plikning LP (after cr.MK), quickly rolling across the buttons and mashing all three punches. The 2nd is kind of a trick shot way of doing it. Using the first finger on your left hand to hit the 1-frame jab, then hitting PPP, HP, MP, HP with 3 fingers of the right hand, the final button press activating EX.HHS.

The 3rd is the most interesting and practical, in which you actually pre-buffer the hands before even hitting the cr.LP link. You can just hit any punch 3 times (3 P-inputs), hit the link (4th P-input) then hit any other 2 punches together (the 5th and final P input, activating EX.HHS).

DJ: 9 1-frame links without any plinking. Probably the most difficult combo in the video and definitely one of the most difficult I've ever forced myself to complete. Aside from the ridiculous timing required and figuring the right combiation of EX.fireballs and regular ones to maximize forward movement, there's not much else to say. I had to figure the subtelties of this out while being estranged from the internet but I'm sure Majestros did some similar and awesome DJ combo soon after Super was released. Even though that's hella old now I'm almost certain it was still better than this.


  1. that is god-like, desk.
    Love all your videos and keep up the good work!
    PS: Next time when you do a video can you please turn on the input data, thanks very much.
    from a fan in China

  2. Please pull this kind of stuff of at EVO. I can only imagine the hype. Keep it up! :D

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  4. GDLK! Loving your execution. Keep it up.

  5. How did you execute the standing 720 with Zangief?

  6. Whenever I plink I use my ring and middle finger, no matter what button I'm hitting. I've read that it's "better" to plink with middle and index. Do you think it's a preference thing or one is actually better than the other?

  7. Would love to see the input data on these!

  8. Hi Desk,

    Really nice videos !! I would like to know how do you can connect the medium kikoken with cr.HP or with the cr.lp ? I tried many times but i don't get it :(

  9. hey desk,

    have you heard of the HitBox? It is what I use to play SSIFV AE.

    Also, I was wondering if you could upload a video onto your channel about plinking for completely beginners? I don't understand how it could help me link better.

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