Monday 19 December 2011

UMvC3 Dec 19th Patch

Among the stuff that was taken out...

Wolverine infinite

7 Month old Skrull Glitch from Vanilla (thanks g0ttnoskill)

Vergil glitch

Ability to tech throws, even when recovering from normals/specials/hypers.

Amaterasu Reflect Glitch

Morrigan/Wall cling glitch (found by JohnnyRH)

post hyper animation bug

Lots more is gone I'm sure but I don't think we had a chance to figure most of it out. The combo counter glitch remains but it doesn't really affect gameplay. I think the game is in a much better state now, also, heroes and herralds is the funnest single player fighting game thing ever. Expect lots of vids soon.

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