Thursday 15 December 2011

AE 2012 CMV

So, I wasn't doing a 2012 vid at all. I'm not hugely excited by updates that don't introduce new characters or new moves and yet, here we are.

Yeah, I felt some strange obligation to do something (I'm looking at you subscribers!) and here it is. I hadn't even bothred researching the changes to be honest which made yesterday's process of testing and coming up with ideas slightly less fun that it should have been, as I wanted everything done in 1 day. Add to this the hideously difficult and time consuming 'everything has to be in vs mode and end with a KO but I also want to do it by hand because I'm some kind masochist' method of making vids and it ended up being quite a long day.

Also, why did my Chun not get any exciting new stuff?!



Rufus - Lv.3 FA, dive, cr.LP, cr.LP, st.LP, st.LP, st.LP xx EX Tornado xx FADC, Lv.2 FA, Divem st,LK, st.LK, st.HP xx HP.Tornado, U1

Zangief - Headbutt, cr.LP, st.LP, cr.LK xx EX.Green Hand xx FADC, FA.Lv1 *stun* lv.3 FA, st.HP (meaty), EX.Green Hand

Dudley - lv.3 FA, U1, Super

Fei - U1, Lv.2 FA, st.HK xx Super

E.Ryu 1 [Vs Mode only] - Lv3.FA, Overhead, cr.MP xx LK. Tatsu, HP.SRK xx FADC, frwd+MK xx EX.Tatsu

Fuerte - Counter hit ex chest, st.HK xx Run xx splash

Juri - j.HK, st.MP xx MK.fb, st.MP xx LK.fb, st.MK xx HK.Pin wheel xx FADC, st.MK xx HK.Pin wheelxx FADC, st.MK xx MK.fb, U2

Oni 1 - j.MK, st.HP xx MK.Tatsu xx FADC, FA Lv.2, EX.Claw, j.MP.dash xx j.EX.Tatsu, U2

E.Ryu 2 - j.HK, cr.MP, st.MK xx EX.fb, cr.LP, st.LP, st.MP xx LP.fb xx FADC, FA Lv.2, frwd+MK xx EX.tatsu, U1

Bonus stage - HP.SRK

Oni 2 - j.HK, cr.LP, st.MP, st.MP, st.MP xx st.HP xx HK.Tatsu, j.Demon

Rose - LP.fb, j.HK, U2, slide, st.MK, cr.MP xx EX.fb, cr.MP xx LP.spiral...

...Cody - Bad spray xx FADC, HK.Upkick xx FADC, U2

Viper [vs mode only] - Lv.3 FA,, st.HP xx EX.Seismo xx jump, EX.Burn Kick, cr.MP xx

Juri - some stupidly long combo that I can't be bothered to transcribe. I'm also guessing that no one has read this far and it doesn't count if you've just skipped down to look at this block of text. It's pretty sick that it ends in KO though, right? I got this first time in vs mode too. I was pleased.

DeeJay - LP.boom, j.MK, st.LK xx LP.boom, st.LP, st.LK xx LP.boom, st.LP, st.MK xx LK.Kick thing xx Super xx U1


  1. the second juri combo:, cr.hp xx hk.release, u1, cl.lp xx xx xx mk.release xx xx xx xx lk.release xx st.lp xx xx xx hk pinwheel fadc cl.lp xx xx xx xx xx st.hp xx hk pinwheel fadc cl.lp xx xx xx xx xx cl.hp xx hk pinwheel

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  3. can you confirm that it is right? please give me some tips on how to perform that combo : )

  4. Please make another sf video, I need my desk fix! =D

  5. one day i will see a Desk video with Guy in it, i know it!

  6. Sorry, to necro such an old blog, but man I REALLY need that Cammy theme mix. Is it a Desk special piece that you could share or is it available elsewhere?