Wednesday 14 December 2011

2012 CMV?

This blog post is less exciting that you might initially think.

All the footage is got but I need to re-remix some music and it's also late and I need to sleep. So expect the full thing tomorrow. Featuring a bunch of vs mode only stuff and all of the clips using 2012 only combos (I think/hope).

I wasn't planning on doing a vid at all and hadn't researched or planned any combos before today. It's weird but after reading some of the comments on the Chun testing vid, I felt like I had some completely insane responsibility to do something. I am super grateful to everyone subscribed to this blog and my youtube channel and I know no one is demanding new stuff but still, I feel like I need to keep up and give you guys value for money.

I'll probably also complain a little (a lot) about how stupidly difficult and stressful it is to make a non training mode CMV in the transcript/write-up, so look forward to that too :)

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