Saturday 14 April 2012


So, Skullgirls has a system which is designed to prevent infinite combos. Here's how it will affect howcombos are put together.

Quote from Mike Z

"Don't start a chain with something you've already hit with"

Fairly straight forward, and exploiting the system to get the maximum amount of hits is a tricky but fun challenge. There's an in depth write up over at the SRK wiki, so be sure to check that out because I don't think I could comprehensively explain it here since I've only been playing a day and I also need to go and get more clips for the Cerebella CMV :)

[Note: you get 2 free chains in your combo before IPS is even active, everything talked about here applies to combos that go beyond that point]  

It's a little weird at first but when you get used to it, it starts to feel (to me at least) a little like a mini-combo-puzzle game in which you have to hold back certain moves that you know you'll need later on. Also, the fact that moves can actually be repeated, only not alone, or to start chains, feels a little odd, but after a short while it all starts to make sense.

This is something I really want to blog about a bit more but after I've spent a decent amount of time with 1/2 characters. I'm learning along with everyone else at the moment and I'm not sure if I'm approaching it in an optimal way just yet. Hopefully the combo example and the in-video notations are a good, early example of how the Infinite Prevention System works (or rather, how to stop it kicking in).

Transcript: [the notations in bold show the first time a move is considered 'used' and after which point, can no longer be used alone or to start chains]

j.HK, st.MP [stagger], j.HKst.MK-crHP xx j.HPst.LK-cr.HP xx j.MK-HP, st.LP-cr.HP xx j.MP-MK-HP, cr.LP-cr.HP xx j.LK-MP-MK, st.MP-crHP xx j.LP-MP-MK, cr.MP-cr.HP xx dp+LP+LK xx qcf+PP (ground bounce), cr.MK-cr.HP xx dp+LP+LK xx qcf+PP

You can see by the time the first super is activated, Cerebella no longer has access to any jumping normals (since they have all been used already, either alone or to start chains). Hitting with any of them would, at that point, make IPS kick in and effectively end the combo. Also, most useful ground normals have also been 'used up' and repeating any of them would make IPS kick in too.


  1. desk, for the love of all things holy and even for those that arent PLEASE do a Valentine Video next.

    i swear i will learn this system and game to this fullest if you are about to do something amazing with her.

    That, and your creative process is astounding. Seriously. if you made a guide about how you even come up with these combos aka, why you use a certain move, how you put these moves together, it should become a necessity of the fighting community to watch it and study it.

    blows my mind every time, especially when you utilize characters i like hahah.

    but seriously such a great combo maker. i've always want to make one but this is how i feel when i hit the combo lab:

    1. Thanks so much man. I'm not sure who to go for next but I want to use someone that people haven't rinsed in videos and stuff yet.

      I'll definitely touch upon the combo theory aspect of the game more but I'm too hype to just make combo vids at the moment and, I'd imagine that particular blog taking me hella time to put together.

  2. Is this from an American store?

  3. Good stuff, but coming from a Chun-Li enthusiast to another, you have to try out Parasoul, man. So good.

    1. Parasol was the first character I picked actually. Not sure who I'm doing next but I'll keep it in mind :)

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  5. why wasn't the first HK highlited?

    1. Hey man,

      You get 2 free chains at the beginning of a combo. In this case, the air series (which happens to be just j.HK) and the st.MP. Even though I had to read it a few times, the stuff posted on the SRK wiki is pretty comprehensive. You should give it a read if you're interested in the game.

  6. I'm wondering how IPS reacts to character switches, say for example, if you have a team of 2 characters, with a combo with two (separate) DHC's.