Tuesday 23 October 2012

Saving! 「エフ・エー・デイ・シー!」


While getting clips for CMV 6 I started messing around with the idea of starting clips with the main character FADCing through a super/ultra or series of attacks before starting the actual combo. Some of the ideas looked so awesome to me that I had to make a dedicated video... and here it is!

1. DJ vs Honda - FADCing through an ex butt splash. Slighty more difficult than it appears as you have to backdash very early into the FA animation in order to remain infront of Honda and not be crossed up. The charging was way more difficult than it needed to be here too. I wanted to keep at it though so I could have the transition into...

2. Chun vs DJ - I was soo hype when I realized you could FADC all the way through DJs U1 (while building 50% Ultra meter yourself, guaranteeing an ultra no matter how much meter you start with!). The back dash is essential in order to avoid a quick 2 hitting attack that would otherwise destroy the FA. Into some loopage while the credits roll.

3. Gief vs Yun - Despite Giefs insanely slow dash, he can still sneak in 2 during Yuns U1.

4. Viper vs Yun - the first hit of U1 actually breaks focus so a quick ex cancel is needed to avoid that hit. The following 2 FAs need to be cancelled as early as possible too in order to finish the dashes and get another FADC.

5. Chun vs Akuma - Chun's backdash is so sick that you can absorb multi hitting fireballs!

6. Rufus vs Honda - Honda's super doesn't break focus so you can slice through it with some FADCs (but you lose hella recoverable health!)

7. Makoto vs Viper - This is something I'm using in CMV6, the first dash is pretty tight but the rest is straight forward.

8. Makoto vs Fei - Amazingly, this is a max speed LP rekka-ken series, The dash timing is super tight but I'm amazed it was possible at all.

9. Abel vs Cody - the gaurd that happens mid-way through the super is needed as Cody does a quick 2-hit attack that would otherwise break focus.

10. Makoto vs Gief - Makoto is the only character that I'm aware of that can FADC forward through Giefs lariat. This is because of her small hit box when dashing forward.

11. Chun vs Makoto - Although the situations when this will arise will be few and far between. This is how I'm going to deal with a whiffed ultra from now on. It's quite easy too since you must block the first, focus breaking hit and the following 2 FADCs aren't very tight.

NOTE: The FA timing being 'tight' refers to the fact that it must be cancelled as soon as possible, this involves hitting forward and then forward+MP+MK so that you dash as soon as you're able to do so.


  1. Awesome stuff. I had a similar thing where I tried to absorb all of Dudley's Ultra with Gen, but I never managed to finish it manually...

    "Makoto is the only character that I'm aware of that can FADC forward through Giefs lariat. This is because of her small hit box when dashing forward."

    Would it be possible with Juri perhaps? (Her dash isn't as fast but her hitbox does shrink when she dashes forward I believe)

    1. thanks dude!

      hmm, it might be possible, good thinking. I didn't think to try it with her. I didn't want to say 'the only character' either because I knew there would be someone I was overlooking, lol.

      And yeah, Gen has massive potential with this but it's hella difficult to do that stance change stuff consistently because you have to be super precise with the timing. Hopefully there'll be an episode 2 and I'll include a few clips using it.

  2. Dang, you are amazing! Do you ever go to any majors?! EVO2013???!?!

  3. Keep it up man, seriously the first time I saw this i thought that's a mod.
    Really well done!

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  5. hum i'm surprised you haven't done anything with Gen's FASC, is there something in preparation about it? are you unable to do some by hands?

    That's the technique that makes Gen unplayable by a human being and i want to know if you can :p

  6. Please Stream on twitch tv am sure alot of ppl would Love to watch u just try it out and see PLEASE :P

  7. Hello Desk. Impressive like always.

    Do I wonder if Ibuki has any Armor Cancel into Ultra.

    Also I want your advice into canceling moves with Hashinsho. So far I can cancel lk+mk into Ultra 2 and lp+mp+hp into ultra 2 which is not difficult using the HJC.

    I have breaking my hands figuring out how to cancel mk into Hashinsho, or mp+mp+mk into Hashinsho.

    Any advice I will very appreciate.

  8. Is it possible to achieve all these feats with the whole cast [Except Makoto Focusing through Giefs lariat as due to her short hitbox]?