Thursday 3 January 2013

Training Street Fighter Ep.1 [P-Linking]

This is the beginning of a series of videos, each focusing on a different facet of intermediate/advanced SFIV execution.

Whenever I get mail asking about the best way to improve execution and consistency when doing combos. I always end up describing/suggesting the stuff I've featured in this video. The approach is basically to look at it like a musician would when learning a new riff or technique. It might seem hardcore or boring (or both) but it really helps.

I'm sure top players already do similar things utilizing infinite meter in training mode in order to warm up. However, it can also be incredibly useful when trying to nail links and more importantly, perfecting P-link inputs.

Loop 1 - Ryu vs Honda: [cr.MP, cr.MP xx Hadoken xx FADC]

Just a note to start off, after you reach around 40 hits you'll need to switch in a rep with only 1 in order to gain ground and not be pushed out of range.

Basically, Ryu's MP is by far the most useful thing to mess around with when learning to plink. You can also transition into cr.MK, cr.HP and cr.HK too. Even without doing loops, just repeatedly practicing the links into into itself and these other moves is a great way to get proper P-Link timing.

ADVANCED Loop 2 - Ryu vs Guile: [frwd+HP, cr.MP, cr.MP/MK xx hadoken xx FADC Lv2]
Similar to the first loop, the only thing you're actually plinking here are the cr.MP/MKs. It's always useful to get used to the slightly delayed timing when coming out of frwd+HP though. Plus, the FADC release timing is also quite strict. Only attempt if you've nailed loop 1 or want something a lot more challenging.

Loop 3 - M.Bison(ベガ) vs El Fuerte: [cr.LKx3, xx scissors xx FADC]

This is useful for a few reasons. Firstly it requires you to plink 'up' the 6 button layout instead of across. Generally when you plink you'll be using your 2nd finger to hit the main input and then 1st for the 2nd. Due to the position of LK and LP though, it's more natural to do the opposite between these 2 buttons (See video for a better idea of what I mean here). Also, it's a legit throw tech if you do it late.

Loop 4 - Cammy vs DeeJay: [st.LP, st.MP, st.HP xx C.Drill xx FADC, st.LP, st.MP, cr.MK xx C.drill]

Cammy is the perfect character when getting to grips with or really trying to perfect P-linking inputs. This is because everything she has seems to link. The actual loop featured here is actually quite difficult but simply  doing a few of her B'n'Bs over and over can be super useful too (basically either of these 2 combos but without the FADC).

Extra Notes!: Being able to do all of these combos and loops is not the whole story. If you want to be uber hardcore, ideally you want your inputs to be as practical and 'perfect' as possible. By that I mean, it's possible to complete the combos and still miss the plinks (this is how they used to do it in the old days!) and for maximum consistency, that's not what you want to be happening. It's really easy to see if the inputs were correct or not by recognizing the P-links in the input display after the combo.


  1. Thanks alot;) now time for practice.

  2. Hi Desk, thanks for this tutorial :), can you do a p-link guide for Sakura, Gouken & Sagat? (Sakura is my main) Thanks again Desk and keep the good work up :D!

    1. If you have a specific character in mind practicing to their B&B

      Example -- Sakura:
      j.hp/hk > cr.hp xx lk tatsu > cr.hp xx lk tatsu > lk xx ex tatsu, (cross-under mix-up)

      Or to practice loops similar to what Desk is doing: > st.hp [xx Hadouken xx FADC > cr.hp xx lk tatsu > cr.hp xx ]xinfinity

      Or more advanced: > [st.hp xx Hadouken xx FADC > cr.hp xx lk tatsu > cr.hp xx hp shouken(3) xx FADC >]xinfinity

      I do admit I don't know if the second still works in 2012 nor do I know if the super bar recovers fast enough to do this indefinitely. Nor would it honestly be a combo you would do in-game since I just threw two combos together.

    2. Hey man, richtervonfuchs has done a pretty good job of getting you started, lol.

      I'd basically say just find any normal that isn't LP or ST.LK in a link combo and try to find a loop using it (and plink it every time).

      I haven't used sagat for a while but I think he can link into his cr.MP from cr. lk/lp. So just cancel the into a fireball xx FADC and repeat. So, [, cr.lp xx Fireball xx fadc] repeat. Or something similar as I can't remember his links off the top of my head. Hope that helps!

  3. This was great. I was just curious, where is the music from? Did you make that?

    I'd like a copy of that if possible.

    1. Yeah, it's one of my tracks. I suck but it's not finished yet and I'm not sure when it'll be released :(

      Thanks a lot for the comment though, I'm flattered that someone wants to listen to it, lol.

  4. What do you suggest someone do with a Pad?

  5. Desk, your vids have helped me immensely. Guy is my main and plinking and hit confirming with him is essential. What set-ups do you recommend?

  6. hey did this song come out yet