Friday 18 November 2011

Frank West

Here you'll find combos, tech, misc clips and extra info on Frank west in UMvC3. This will be updated whenever new vids are uploaded.

Monday 14 November 2011

MvC3 'life time' Glitch Video

There's a 'huge thanks' bit in the video but this showcase wouldn't have been possible without all of those names. This is basically a choice selection of some of the odd things players discovered in MvC3 over it's 9 month life

Thursday 10 November 2011

Skrull is totally on my UMvC3 team

Since I wasn't fortunate enough to get UMvC3 early (grrrr!!!), I'm stuck with Vanilla for the moment. I'm thinking of putting Skrull on my new team and I don't think I've actually selected him since the day 1 vid, so this is a good time to get used to his properties and specials.

The tenderizer infinite was documented a few months ago but not only have I not seen anyone reproduce it but the finder doesn't even loop it in the video. Instead using the playback/record feature to repeat the combo (you would only need to actually record a single rep). After spending about an hour messing around with this yesterday, I have to assume that this is because of the extreme difficulty. It actually feels like 2 1-frame links on consecutive frames (the inputs being up-forward and then L). I guess you could get good at it but I think the chances of anyone relying on it in match are very unlikely.

I've got sooo much stuff to test when I finally get Ultimate!!

Monday 7 November 2011


I'm back from the dead to bring you Episode 5, featuring Cammy. This one is even more my favorite than Dudley. Definitely the most fun remix to do too. Transcript and details on how much horrible walking between normals was required follows...