Monday 14 November 2011

MvC3 'life time' Glitch Video

There's a 'huge thanks' bit in the video but this showcase wouldn't have been possible without all of those names. This is basically a choice selection of some of the odd things players discovered in MvC3 over it's 9 month life

Apart from the slightly hidden one at 5:50 (you have to listen closely!), I ended up capping 2 other clips using Dante's recently discovered quicksilver glitch, as I thought maybe a tutorial/showcase might have been made for it by the time this vid came out. Since that hasn't happened however, and the fact that it's still fairly new, I thought best to leave it to the finders.

I actually really wanted to go back and get footage from version 1.02 because the combination of glitches and presence of Jill+ Shuma in that game would have led to the most broken set-ups and exploits of any of the different updates. Sadly, they were never seen and, since it's impossible to play that version now, never will be.

Also, a quick note on the final clip. It was discovered a while ago that tron's assist could prevent phoenix turning dark but I looked into it a bunch and couldn't find any videos or info on a a true 100% set-up. It might seem like it's a simple as finishing her with the drill assist at the end of a combo but I urge you to try that out and see how much it doesn't work (it drove me mental for about an hour). It actually seems like only a specific hit of the drill has the effect and nailing this at the end of a combo, with damage scaling, is beyond difficult (unless you have a 'go to' combo and land it when she has 100% health). The x-factor is obviously not a vital but this was the most reliable combo I could find.

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  1. Can you please explain the glitches at 0:46, 4:37 and 5:27? Actually, this seems like the kinda vid that would benefit from a full transcript.