Thursday 10 November 2011

Skrull is totally on my UMvC3 team

Since I wasn't fortunate enough to get UMvC3 early (grrrr!!!), I'm stuck with Vanilla for the moment. I'm thinking of putting Skrull on my new team and I don't think I've actually selected him since the day 1 vid, so this is a good time to get used to his properties and specials.

The tenderizer infinite was documented a few months ago but not only have I not seen anyone reproduce it but the finder doesn't even loop it in the video. Instead using the playback/record feature to repeat the combo (you would only need to actually record a single rep). After spending about an hour messing around with this yesterday, I have to assume that this is because of the extreme difficulty. It actually feels like 2 1-frame links on consecutive frames (the inputs being up-forward and then L). I guess you could get good at it but I think the chances of anyone relying on it in match are very unlikely.

I've got sooo much stuff to test when I finally get Ultimate!!


  1. Dude, you're the FIRST person who should get a copy early, to give them as much time as possible to work on all the glitches and ridiculous combos you're sure to find.

  2. This game is fun up until you become 5th Lord and fight higher level people. Once you start fighting 'High Level Players' you begin to realize that this game is very unbalanced and puts a whole lot of focus and efforts towards spamming. Yes I said it, Spamming. Most of the gaming community has blanked the term spamming with 'zoning' in order to properly justify their means of exercising it. For example much of this game's dynamics are primarily pin'd upon shooters, teleports, triple bounce assists, and chain combos that can reach up to 400 plus hits. Which by the way is completely fine if they've offered half of these abilities for all of the characters, not just a selected few that you usually see everyone play. *Cough Wesker, Vergil, Dante, Hawkeye, FootDive, and Metal Arm; also when played together they're widely known as the Weasel Team, Lol. I believe that the reflection of the way certain people play this game is a reflection of their own life in how they live it. Hint hint running and shooting, running and shooting, teleport run away some more and burn time while shooting. Winning by time out and then tea bagging the loser because they didn't want to engage in close up hand to hand combat. Then feel proud of themselves for winning the way they did. I'm sure we've all encountered these type of players and yes most of them are the higher level players as well. Sure I know that this is all just a piece of this games dynamics but I'd say if you like to run, hide and shoot your way to victory; go buy and play Modern Warfare 3 or Duck Hunt because these games are all about that, Lol! I'm not trying to be an ass I'm just being genuine and face forward honest about it and if your one of those people who are getting offended it's okay because your being offended by the Truth itself. I miss the good old days when the only way you can win is by playing bravely, not cowardly. But I understand, it's the generation of skinny jeans and avoiding conflict.

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