Friday 18 November 2011

Frank West

Here you'll find combos, tech, misc clips and extra info on Frank west in UMvC3. This will be updated whenever new vids are uploaded.

Leveling Up!

So, a huge part of Franks game is getting him leveled up quickly and safely. Above is a 100% combo that begins with Frank as an assist, allows him to safely tag in and guarantees at least a Lv.4 level-up. With the correct 3rd character (assuming you haven't used that assist to set-up the combo) you can get to Lv.5. It's not too difficult if you have mag's loops down but requires 2 bars before the combo begins. Note: If you can mash fast enough, you can get the same Level-up (4 or 5 depending on assist) from a raw Magneto Gravity Squeeze.
[More video examples to come]

Zombie Tech!

Franks zombie throw is performed by charging back then hitting forward and L/M/H. Backed up with the right assist it can be a nice zoning tool and the H version can set-up combos. Here are 2 techniques for moving forward while repeatedly throwing them out. The first requires a quick neutral dash between the Back and Forward motions (I find it easiest to hit L+M to activate the dash). It's not as difficult as it looks because you actually have a reasonably large window to hit forward+L/M/H. As shown @0:26 you can actually dash back and forth while throwing them out.

The 2nd technique is much more straight forward but perhaps not quite as useful. Simply charge down-back and hit H which moves Frank forward but can be cancelled at any time into a zombie.


Although the combo into H-Zombie isn't practical, it shows that if you happen to connect with one, it's possible to take a drink before continuing the combo. This increases Franks EXP gain and allows you to level up faster. To be completely safe though, you should probably aim to DHC him out before too long because the vomit is a free combo for your opponent and probably death for Frank. He can X-Factor out of it but he has much better uses for that.

Post Super Comboing

The snapback example works at any level with any set-up. For the final 2 examples, requiring Frank to be at level 3 or above. The combo is dependant on how high off the ground the opponent is when connecting with the Super. For this set-up, you sacrifice a ground bounce but it can lead to a simple high-damage combo. This can be applied after a DHC (if you catch them high off the ground) but hit-stun will probably be very low and it those cases it may be best to go for an anti-air super reset (eg. st.L xx aa-super). This technique of combing after super is often not the best option but it's useful to know if the opportunity arises.


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