Monday 7 November 2011


I'm back from the dead to bring you Episode 5, featuring Cammy. This one is even more my favorite than Dudley. Definitely the most fun remix to do too. Transcript and details on how much horrible walking between normals was required follows...

vs Oni - めくりセービングー! st.HP, st.HP xx xx FADC, cr.LK, st.LP, st.HP xx xx FADC, st.LP, cr.HP, cr.HK

vs Yang - j.HK, U2

vs Seth - The walking in this combo must be frame perfect to allow Cammy to activate the 2nd close MP.
Lv.3 FA, EX.cs, st.MP, walk, st.MP, cr.MK xx xx FADC, st.LP, walk, st.LP, st.HP xx HK.dp

vs Sim - FA, Hooligan, dp xx Super

vs Seth - FA, hooligan throw

vs Ken [Zero 3] - Parrying tings

vs Akuma [Zero 3] - Maximum Cammy!

vs Dudley - Avoiding tings

vs Abel - j.HP [CH], EX.cs, EX.cs, walk, cr.LP, st.MP, st.LP xx xx FADC, st.LP, walk, st.LP, walk, st.LP, walk, st.LP, walk, st.LP, walk, st.LP, walk, st.LP xx

vs Abel2 - Lv.3 FA, xx FADC, HK.dp xx FADC, U1

vs Honda - Lv.3 FA, EX.cs, EX.cs, EX.cs, EX.cs, walk, st.MP, cr.HP, cr.MK xx, LK.dp

vs Boxer - Lv.3 FA,, HK.dp xx FADC, U1

vs Gief [Zero 3] -, st.LP, st.LP, st.LP, st.LP xx Dictator assist

vs Sims - j.HP, cr.HP U1 x 4 :)

vs DJ - More silly walking. Combo is 4000x more difficult than it appears. j.HP, st.LP, walk, st.LP, walk, st.MP, st.HP xx xx FADC, st.LP, walk, st.LP, walk, st.MP, st.HP xx HK.dp xx FADC, st.LP, walk, st.LP, walk, st.MP, cr.MP xx, HK.dp

vs Dudley - Dashing through and using rose interupt as a ghetto, free FADC.


  1. I want to see "Guile!" by desk

    I'm a super lame Guile main, but I love seeing creative Guile combos. Not to mention I want to hear desk's interpretation of Guile's theme!

  2. DHALSIM! would be very interesting. (VERY!)

  3. "SAGAT!" or "ABEL!" would be awesome!

  4. Like pete said, guile theme and guile combos by himself desk would be awesome :D

  5. So Desk, about the remix cammy theme...where can we get that?

  6. Great stuff as always Desk!

    Would love to see what you can come up with for Hakan...

  7. Vega? There are never any combo vids for him :/

  8. Cammy theme will be on an EP along with Dud, Sak and Gief. Release date is unknown at this time, lol.

    Guile would be great for the remix alone but there's only so far you can go with a non-tas video with him unfortunately. Error1 already pushed the boundaries with him to a silly degree.

    The other character choices are noted as always :) I think Cody is the overwhelming favorite for the next episode since he's received 10x as many votes as everyone else but after that, who knows.

  9. DEE JAY!

    Kind of like Guile but with more options with Rolling Sobats and whatnot. Seeing what you'd do with Machine Gun Upper would be a real treat. But how you would remix that theme, IUNNO. lol.

    Abel needs some kind of revenge too since you've been beating up on him just for holding his hands out.

  10. I want to see a BLANKA by desk
    I think is a beautiful and interesting challenger.

  11. Hey desk, I'd like to see an Ibuki vid next.

  12. How about gen? if your really want to test your execution.

  13. Desk, I love you and this video and I miss your remix of Cammy's theme. Is there any chance you might re-release it for download?