Tuesday 10 April 2012


I ended up taking a lot more time than usual getting all of the clips for this vid.

Even the stuff that looks relatively straight forward took ages to plan and capture, due to the fact that I wanted a bunch of things to KO and I ended up having to control 2 or 3 characters in some clips. I'm not sure if it could ever been entertaining enough to be worth how long it took to make but hopefully it's not a waste of your 4 minutes.


Boxer- Using a floating Akuma to reduce push back. j.HK, st.HK, st.HK, walk, [st.LK, walk]x10, st.LP, st.LP, st.LP-cr.MP xx EX.dash punch, st.LP, st.LP, st.LP-cr.MP xx Super

Megaman- This combo will win the round!.. (sometimes)

Steve- 12 Fierce'! j.HK, st.HP xx flicker xx walk, st.HP xx EX.Fireball, st.HP xx flicker xx walk, st.HP xx EX.Fireball, st.HP xx flicker xx walk, st.HP xx EX.Fireball, st.HP xx flicker xx walk, st.HP xx hcf+LK-HP, cr.HP xx flicker xx crouch. cr.HP xx flicker xx crouch. cr.HP xx flicker xx crouch. cr.HP xx flicker xx crouch. cr.HP xx dp+HP

Claw+Gief- Punishing a counter! If 1P switch cancels even 1 frame earlier, the game gets a little confused and the counter attack animation actually happens to the incoming character.

Cammy- Switchless launcher. I'm sure this has happened to lots of players in match. If a launcher is interrupted, either by a trade, or in this case a fireball, the 2nd character will not come in. The clip also demonstrates the odd system mechanic that allows a launched character to be air-thrown.

Poison+Hugo- Floaty, screen, glitchy, awesome! Coordinating both characters in this clip made my head hurt. The inputs, In order, with one hand on each stick... [2P] jump, frwd+HP, [1P] guard xx frwd+HP+HK, [2P] MP+MK [1P] MP+MK, 360+K. This also fails a lot because Sim has to be at a very specific point in his jump for Poison's counter to only hit once (with the 2nd active hit).

It seems that some moves have hidden properties that you rarely get a chance to see. Boxer's ground to air ex.dash low smash, the final hit of Marduk's Craig rush, the final hit of Jin's target combo (famously) and, in this case the 2nd active hit of poisons counter are all examples of this. Both characters switch cancel to make the clip extra confusing and Hugo's running grab is used to show how quickly the screen wants to move forward in order to catch up with floating Dhalsim (Hugo and Sagat are actually off the screen for a few frames here).

King- Comboing into anti air grab vs floating Ryu. Pointless, post KO super at no extra cost (value for money combo clip!)

Pacman- ex loops into infinite combo!

Xiaoyu+Law- Punishing a counter with a combo into infinite.

Sim- Training mode fun. Dedicated vid coming very soon.

Rufus+Cammy- Big damage, jump canceled pandora combo. J.HP, ex.qcf+KK xx switch [cammy]st.HK xx jump, j.HP, st.HK xx jump xx pandora [Rufus] ex.hcf+pp, frwd+px3 xx Super

Ken+Rolento- 2 different supers in 1 combo! In order for this to work, there had to be 3 active players. 1 to get both Akuma+Ryu on screen and the other 2 for the cross assault combo. Coordinating this by myself made my head hurt more (I used a 360 pad and 2 arcade sticks)

Kazuya- j.MK, cr.MP, cr.HP xx EWGF, cr.HP xx qcb+P [hold] xx dash, cr.HP xx EWGF, Team Super

Julia+Kazuya- A long combo that doesn't involve any infinites. Exploiting Kazuya's ability to re-stand the opponent. This combo could have actually went on longer but I mixed it up a bit in the middle, spending some  meter on the Julia juggle, so the whole thing was a little less repetitive.

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  1. "Sim- Training mode fun. Dedicated vid coming very soon."

    Are you making a video dedicated to Dhalsim, or the glitch you showed with him? If you are making a Dhalsim vid, that would be awesome!:D