Sunday 20 May 2012

CaD No.3 Chun + Julia

Maximum damage was originally going to be the main goal for every combo. Although, it is still definitely one of the aims, it doesn't always make for an interesting combo. This does pretty decent damage and is fairly technical, so I'm happy.

Chun can actually land in front of Hugo after tagging the j.HK, which pushes him back and prevent the 2nd cr.HP xx loop. I'm not even 100% sure of how to prevent it, this is just one of the times that it worked out. The first st.HK is jump cancelled and there's more than enough time from the j.HK xx tag to allow Julia to come in and combo. Another point of interest is leaving enough juggle potential pre-pandora cancel for Julia's frwd+HP to combo then allowing enough time for her meter to refill before doing the super.

If Chun's j.HK worked on everyone (it doesn't) the instant overhead version would be hella more practical. Still very useful to know in the Hugo match-up and vs other tall characters though.

[Chun] j.HP, st.HK xx jump, j.HK xx tag [Julia] [cr.HP xx qcb+P-charge xx dash xx MP]x2 cr.LK-MK-HP xx qcb+PP-charge xx dash x MP, frwd+MK-MP-HP xx tag [Chun] bk+MK-MK xx jump, j.HK, st.HK xx pandora [Julia] frwd+HP, Super!


  1. looking forward to trying this out and working the instant overhead into my game

    Love my Chun-Li Julia team

  2. Can you please explain why this works: [cr.HP xx qcb+P-charge xx dash xx MP]x2?

    1) 'dash xx MP'; does this mean 'cancel the dash into MP'? I thought you can only cancel into SM,EX,SA+CA, not normals. Even if you could, doesn't 'qcb+P-charge xx dash' leave you with negative frames?

    2) You end it with MP and then link it into cr.HP? MP is 4frames on hit, cr.HP startup is 6frames. ???


    1. Yeah, you cancel the dash with MP and that gives you her frwd, frwd+MP elbow move. I don't know what the frames are but it allows you to combo into cr.HP afterwards. Hope that helps.

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    3. I totally forgot/ignored her "frwd,frwd+MP"-move (which is +7 on hit). Makes sense now. Thanks again.

    4. BTW does this mean that Julia is the only character that can continue to combo after a dash-cancel? As far as I know there are no other characters with a frwd,frwd-move or are there other ways?