Friday 4 May 2012

SFxT uncommon knowledge

Some stuff that isn't in the instruction manual.

Aside from the cross assault activation and the obvious pandora stuff, none of the clips are meant to show glitches. They simply demonstrate the way the game works. More than likely, you know about or have experienced some of these things but I still hear or read about people speculating on some of this stuff and thought it'd be cool to have everything in one place with evidence proving or disproving certain things.


Reversals: For some reason, when a reversal is 'stuffed' (stopped with a meaty attack), no message appears on screen. I have no idea why this decision was made but if there's a downside, it's that you may start doubting that you successfully pulled off the move you were going for. Of course, the fact that it was stopped with a meaty should tell you not  to try it again but how can you be sure it worked the first time?

Dash Priority: Due to input leniency and the way the game handles dash cancelling, when you perform a scissor kick (in exactly the way you should, if you wanted to maximize charge time on your next attack!) you get a back-dash instead of a scissor kick. For me at least, it means I have to unlearn something I was perfecting for a long time. Either by holding forward for longer or momentarily going to down-back after the forward input.

Heihachi's unique pandora: I have no idea why this happens but I do like it. The way heihachi runs in and pushes the other character aside looks awesome.

Cross assault activation glitch: Shout out to Yagami for bringing this to my attention. Kara-ing into moves in this game has some obviously unintentional effects and this is one of them. Done by doing qcb+KKK~PPP

Air throw combo: I'm always a fan of comboing into throws, no idea why this works but I like it.

Cinematic hit stuff: Very strange, I doubt you were meant to combo after supers but it does look cool.


Auto Blocking: There's a system in place designed to prevent high/low unblockables. All you have to do is block the first thing that hits you and if the next occurs within 30-40 frames (estimated) you'll block that too. I do remember being annoyed when I was first trying to figure out unblockables and stumbled across this but it may be a decent design choice that prevents abuse of certain teams.

Auto Blocking 2: Yeah, I guess this just get's over the problem of which character you need to hold back relative to. Maybe one of the characters (even with 4 players) could have been greyed out as another solution?

Jumping: I remember this happening within 30 seconds of the very first time I played the game (using chun, trying to jump and immediately charge back). I initially dismissed it as a problem with the stick I was using, which wasn't mine. I have heard recently that this is being called a glitch and will be patched? It wouldn't be hard to make the case that it was intentional and is being changed due to player feedback because I can't believe this wouldn't have been spotted during testing.

Cinematics: Probably common knowledge now, that characters and projectiles become frozen in place when a cinematic is activated. Which can lead to some crazy situations.

Cinematics 2: lesser known is the fact that activating a team super cinematic makes both projectiles and characters (even those stuck on screen) disappear altogether.

Hidden move properties: I'm sure lots of players have stumbled across this effect with many different characters too. It seems that certain hits within specials and target combos weren't designed to be hit in isolation. So they have hit properties in place specifically designed to enable the following hits to connect. The extreme case here is Poison's counter. It's super difficult and rare for only the 2nd hit to connect but when it does, the opponent enters the slowest falling state that I'm aware occurs in SFxT.


  1. I can tell you that Sf4, and most sf games since alpha, have that prejump thing. It's only like 1-2 frames in sf4 tho

    1. It's literally never happened to me in SFIV and it happens all the time in SFxT, I'm guessing it must be 5-6 frames in that case (maybe to the point that you leave the ground?). Thanks for the info dude.

    2. I just tested it, the prejump frames in sf4 are 2 frame cancel window after pressing jump for non grapples and 5 frames for grapples. It seems the difference is you can't press ub and then jump uf in sf4, even with perfect timing. You can press up and then a direction and you will do a directional jump instead of a neutral jump. And of course you can cancel into specials or supers during this time.

  2. Why is Akuma grabbing Bison's junk on the thumbnail for the first vid?

  3. If you jump forward or back then switch to a neutral jump with Yoshimitsu your able to hit them with his heavy punch when you usually cant off a neutral jump.

  4. Is the Yagami you mentioned in video one from Singapore?