Sunday 27 May 2012

SFxT Big Damage!

This is the first time I've ever actively tried to feature combos that do big damage over and above technical/difficult combos. However, after some testing (this vid has been in the works for weeks now) it became obvious that it couldn't be the only goal because often, those kind of combos aren't super interesting to watch.

So, instead it was simply one of the aims but not always the priority.

Also, I'm trying out some RPG inspired Hit Point graphics so I could avoid using training mode but also provide accurate damage info. Although it's time consuming, it's something I definitely want to revisit in upcoming videos.


Boxer (937 damage):
This is the only combo in the video that uses gems but I really wanted a single hit KO and this seemed like the only way to do it. I did want to KO a higher health character but the gems that would have allowed me to do that cost actual, real world money. So, I thought better of it.

Chun + Steve (753 damage): Steve's flicker-PP doesn't add to the juggle counter so it can be looped until he runs out of meter. Here, every rep had to be delayed as much as possible to allow pandora meter to refill the maximum amount of times.

Julia + Chun 1 (569 damage): Julia must walk a few frames after every counter hit f,f+MP for the full combo to work. Chun's st.MP is used only to allow Julia the time to escape the screen and enable the Pandora cancel (will not work when both characters are on screen).

Julia + chun 2 (539 damage): [See CaD No.3]

Steve + cammy 1 (822 damage): Using the now standard 'high damage' steve set-up that allows easy access to 4 bars of meter and a standing dummy to pile damage onto. Cammy's cannon spike does huge damage and is barely scaled here.

Steve + cammy 2 (851 damage): 100% combo vs Akuma. It took me a little while to get the extra damage necessary to actually KO akuma but it's always good to have a goal like that because if he'd had 900 health I would have been happy with an 842 damage variation.

Boxer + Cammy (535 damage):
This is certainly a clip that I wanted to be much more technical than it was damaging. The 2x cannon spike are super difficult to time and space and the charge timing on the final L.Headbutt was very time consuming to capture.

Rufus + Hwoarang 1 (689 damage): Using the additional time after hwoarang's tag canceled qcb+K move to allow a free, re-stand into wall bounce (resetting the juggle counter) with Rufus. Repeated until there's no more meter.

Rufus + Hwoarang 2 (712 damage): The same initial set-up but uses the juggle height of rufus' frwd+HK to allow a pandora activation and full, stupid start up hwoarang super. Annoyingly, does more damage than the more technical version.

Ken+Law (896 damage):
[see also, CaD No.2] Getting 3 reps of an instant air ex.tatsu mid-screen. Took ages to figure out how to actually do it and allow for a combo afterwards because the neutral jump tatsu was so counter intuitive. Silly damage and actually something that you can get good at and use if you're fighting Hugo (the instant air ex.tatsu part at least).

Steve (590 damage): [See also CaD No.4] The most reps I've done vs abel with a cheeky ex.fireball combo on the end. Not his most damaging combo to say the least but what can I say? It's not like I gave the video a title that might have made you think I was going to do big damage combos.

Rolento vs Ibuki Still: The rolento bug works vs the final part of Ibuki's Super.

Extras video coming tomorrow featuring more new stuff. Thanks for watching and reading!

Comments and clarifications (stuff that may or may not be useful to you! Updated questions are answered)

Madskilliz: "How do you cancel a move into Pandora? I keep trying but its not working for me"
desk:The move itself must be jump cancel-able (chun or cammy's st.HK for example). Then you cancel the jump into Pandora before it comes out. The input with Chun is st.HK, d, d, u+MP+MK.


  1. Just thought I'd point out the transcript says Chun + Hwaorang (753 damage) for your Chun and Steve combo.

  2. Woa! That training stage remix is amazing!!

  3. Awesome desk! keep it up! You going to EVO right? :D

  4. Incredible remix, where can I find, if I can, a downloadable version of it?