Monday 6 June 2011


So, after a very slight overhaul, we have a few new features at the top of the page and a generally more attractive layout.

The 'Youtube playlist' tab will hopefully make it much, much easier to find specific videos, series and characters. You can list, for example, all SSFIV CMVideos. Every MvC3 video covering patch changes. All HDRemix videos or, a little more specific, all SFIV series videos featuring direct feed+stick footage. Check out the full page here.

This picture is entirely unrelated
Also, a quick combo vid update. Tomorrow will see the first dedicated Arcade Edition combo video premiering on my channel, with a transcript following here, soon after. There's an ongoing vote taking place in the comments of 'Execution Ep.2' to decide the character who will feature but Yang is looking to be the run away winner right now (feel free to all head over and vote for Yun though, it's not too late!!!). Even though I haven't been fortunate enough to actually play Arcade Edition yet, I've been working on ideas and music for a few weeks now. So, hopefully it'll be well worth the wait.

Huge thanks to everyone who has taken the time to follow/bookmark this blog. Your support is much appreciated and I'm doing my best to make it worth your time!

See you on the other side of what will probably end up being a ridiculous 6-8 hour Arcade Edition session tomorrow!


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  1. Good job Desk! Look forward to more awesome vids :)