Wednesday 22 June 2011

Chun Li Instant Stun Combo

I think I'd been so obsessed with the [cr. HP xx Legs] loop that I just didn't think to work on any variations that could be more useful in some situations. This is easier than the cr. HP xx Legs because you can plink the st. HK into MK (you can see the inputs in the video).
This means you have 2 of of the 5 Kick inputs needed before you've even started. The st. HK also does more damage and stun than one hit of cr. HP, although it does push you considerably further back. Meaning that you have to spend meter to get more reps vs most characters. This is often worth it though.

Full Transcript:
j. HK, st. HK xx H-Legs [4-hits] xx FADC, st. HK xx H-Legs [4-hits] xx FADC, st. HK xx H-Legs xx M-Legs, st. LP, st. HP

H-Legs input method:
[HK~MK, LK, HK, HK] = H-Legs

This will stun Gen, Guile, Dan, Claw, Akuma, Evil Ryu, Seth and Dhalsim

Music: 'ghost house' by desk


  1. i've seen the camera go strange on chuns ultra 1 quite a few times now, like it does here at the end on Abel. do you know what is causing that?

    other than that, awesome work as usual!

  2. Also, you ever consider doing a video on Guy? everyone knows sneaker ninjas are the best. especially to this soundtrack

  3. Yeah Desk, show Guy some love!!

  4. haha, Guy is going to pop up in a Project Dolphin Music video fairly soon but I'm not sure I have enough cool stuff with him for a CMV just yet. I'll keep it in mind though!

    @Freddy. It's just the new properties of the ultra, I think it's supposed to help the launcher bit connect as a juggle vs more characters but unfortunately weird and unwanted things happen just before the final hit. This means she can be punished before she recovers in some situations.

  5. ah right i see. i've had people fall out of it during the rising sbk part, even though they got 'launched'. its not right i tell you, and has turned me off using ultra 1 completely for chun. except in fireball heavy matchups.

    also it doesn't matter how much cool stuff you have with Guy, everything he does is cool ;) metro city 4 life yo.