Wednesday 13 June 2012

AFO Intermediate Combo Vid

I had a lot of fun putting this together and it was a great excuse to remix some music too.

Most of these clips are actually fairly difficult to do but there's still another level of 'advanced' combos I want to showcase in the next vid. Hopefully one or 2 of you picked this game up (for all of it's 80msp) and can kind of tell whats going on for the most part.

The music riff during the 2nd Jimmy combo was written to the hit's of his super. It actually makes me laugh out loud whenever I watch it back.


Ryan - cr.HP, dash, st.LP-cr.HP, dash, st.LP xx LP-SRK, Super, dash, cr.HK

Jill - cr.HP [dash, st.LP xx jump, j.LK-Fireball]x 4

Bill - cr.LK-HP, LP-charge, cr.HP, LP-charge, cr.LP xx LP-charge xx super, st.LP-cr.HP, HP-charge, cr.LP xx HP-charge

Alex - cr.HP, dash, LP xx jump, j.LK xx divekick, dash, LP-cr.HP xx super, dash, LP, dash, LP xx jump, j.LK xx divekick

Jimmy - cr.HP, dash, LP xx jump, j.LK, st.LP-cr.HP, dp+HK xx super, dash, st.LP, cr.HP, dp+HK

Cid - cr.HP, dash, st.LP-cr.HP, LP-Ball, st.LP-cr.HP, LP-ball, st.LP xx LK-tatsu xx super, [LP, dash]x5, LP xx HK-tatsu

Mike - j.HP, cr.LK-cr.HK xx HP-Headbutt xx super, [st.HP xx cr.HP, dash]x4, cr.LP-cr.HP, HP-rush punch

Alex - j.HP, st.HP, st.LK xx jump, j.divekick, super, dash, throw

Jimmy - j.HP, st.LP-HP xx super, dp+LK, st.LP-cr.HP, [dash, LP]x2, dash, LP xx LP-balls

Cyndi - cr.HP, dash, [LP xx LK-upkicks]x 2, dash, st.LP xx super, st.LP, dash, st.LP xx LK-upkicks

Mike - j.HK, st.LK-cr.HP xx super *wait*, [j.HK]x8, j.HP, st.HP-cr.HP xx jump, [j.HK]x7, j.HP, HP-rushpunch

Beefcore - cr.HP, dash, LP xx jump, j.HK xx j.fireball, st.LK xx jump, j.HK xx j.fireball, dash, st.LP xx jump, j.HK xx j.fireball, ff+LK xx super, st.LP-cr.HP, dash, LP, dash, ff+LK, ff+LK, ff+HK


  1. Correction:
    I wanted to let you know that you typed Alex as the first combo, when it should be Ryan.

    1. Well spotted. I always get the names mixed up for some reason.

  2. Thanks for taking my request from that Street of Fury vid. If you'd like I could share with you an advance combo using a loop. Notations
    lp xx c.hp dash (lp xx jc xx xx lk rising kick xN) The most I could get was around 2 -3 reps before I missed the link from the end of Rising Kick to lp to start it again.

    1. No problem man, happy to have new stuff to play.

      Is that in the corner?

    2. Good stuff man, just tried it out. A more consistent+damaging variation would be to loop st.LP xx jump, j.HP xx (slightly delayed) HK-Kicks (hits 3 times). it's weird how different the jump arc is with HP.

      Corner to corner it does 36-40%, with the stomp super then looped to the other corner again does around 50% but you can transition into an uppercut combo whenever you want too.

  3. So for the next one can we expect some custom character combos?

    1. At this point probably only 1 clip. There's too much freedom if anything when making your own character and they can be a little over powered. I prefer trying to come up with stuff for the regular cast.

    2. Midscreen only due to pushback in corner