Friday 29 June 2012

Solo 2 Player Cross Assault Combos


A ton of people suggested this as a video idea and I finally got around to doing it (thanks everyone!). You may notice this is on a new channel too. Machinima have set-up a Fighting game/esports channel called Machina VS and I'll probably have a few projects pop up on there from time to time (possibly some regular stuff in future, who knows). SFxT seems to have taken a hit in popularity recently and the new vids on my channel seem little more than an excuse to argue about how much the game sucks (which is funny but also depressing), so what better way to kick things off.

As an aside, this took ages to make (from coming up with the set-ups, learning to actually do them with 2 hands and then editing it together) but it's hugely satisfying to have a finished product like this. Would love to do some more 2 stick vids if the right game comes along. Any and all suggestions on other games are more than welcome.


Zangief + Julia: Julia's Combo of cr.HP xx qcf+HP does not usually combo so Gief throws out a st.HP between hits. Then dashes forward into Super, which is only possible because Julia causes crumple

Marduk + Rufus: Marduk's b+MP puts the opponent into a throwable state which Rufus' exploits with a forward throw and this is a rare example of a regular throw which puts the opponent into a juggle-able state. This in turn is exploited by Marduk with a combo into anti-air ex grab. Allowing more than enough time for rufus to charge a free super.

Cammy + Chun: Ibuki's grab can be used to create juggle semi-infinites while in cross assault as it's like a psuedo juggle counter reset.

Raven + Chun: There is, waht could be considered a glitch frame in the hit stun of air throws. This allows the opponent to be thrown, makes them susceptible to re-stands along with some other weird effects. Here's it's used to create a launch - airthrow loop with the assistance with rolento.

Ken + Law: Lots of spin kicks, ensuring the opponent is still standing when meter runs out in order to allow a tag combo.

Steve + Yoshimitsu: Yoshimitsu's suicide special is used to crumple the opponent, allowing steve's command grab to connect. This lets yoshimitsu dash up and charge a free super.

Sagat + Raven: Sagat's dp connects, quickly followed by a jumping ground bounce by Raven. After the combo into super raven is free to charge a counter-hit.

Claw + Dhalsim: Since you can combo after Sim's super there's lots of room for cool cross assault combos when he on your team. After the first super, the first hit of Claw's ex wall dive hits the opponent so high that sim can charge up an ex super.

Hwoarang + Ryu: Hworang's super can only be combod after when it connects vs 2 characters.


  1. Hey desk, I've been following you around for a time, but i cannot enter the most simplest combo, I want to ask, how do u chain the low and medium haha? i know its silly. In mvc3 its easy couse u only need to press the bottons, but in sfae u need to do a timing or something like that, maybe its common knowledge for a lot of people but for me its horrible haha

    1. Hey man, yeah links and stuff in the SFIV series are much more difficult that MvC/SFxT chains. Unfortunately there's nothing to it other than practice.

      I would say though, that you generally rely on that kind of thing much less often so the way forward might be to simply work out some combos you can rely on that do damage but don't rely on tight links.

      Of course there are instances when links are the best option (for hit confirms and stuff). Maybe look into p-linking (or plinking) for an initially time consuming but ultimately vital addition to link combos.

      Hope that helps dude :)