Saturday 16 June 2012

AFO Advanced CMV

I didn't want to start off too silly in these AFO vids. We're getting there towards the end of this one though.

I'd probably say the intermediate vid was level one, this one is level 2 but there's a while other tier of craziness above that. I hope anyone who picked up the game is enjoying it and get's some entertainment out of this CMV. I really put a lot of effort (and a stupid amount of time) into doing some more music/combo syncing in this one. In fact, the actual BPM (beats per minute) of the piece of music was dictated by the pace of Mike's Jabs in the 2nd to last clip.

Transcript/Select notes:

Alex - [Music was synced to the first 5 hits on this combo] j.HK, st.LP-cr.LK-st.LP-cr.HP, dash, st.LP xx jump, j.HK xx divekick xx super, cr.HP, dash, st.LP-cr.HP, dash, st.LP, dash, st.LP xx qcb+HK

Jill - After the st.LP-HP link, you have enough time to link into any light attack. Super is used to cancel the recovery of the far st.HP and the combo continues vs a standing Jimmy

Cyndi - 5 Uppercuts!

Bill - [first 5 hits synced with the music] A variation on the corner to corner combo from the intermediate CMV. Utilizing the fact that you can cancel into his super from jumping attacks.

Jimmy - st.LP xx LP-ball loop into super.

Sid - A few reps of his v1.3 ball loop.

Cyndi - Cydni's fireball is actually a charge motion making this combo super difficult because of the dashing required between reps. The charging after inputting the super is also really tight.

Jill - Instant air fireball loops. Much, much more difficult than it looks (might even be the frame you leave the ground, any slower and you won't be able to combo afterwards). J.HK, [st.LP-HP, st.LK xx jump, j.fireball]x2, st.LPx5 xx jump, j.fireball, st.LPx5 cr.HP xx super, cr.HP, dash, st.LP xx jump, j.HK xx j.fireball

Mike - [Hyper music syncing ahoy!] I spent quite a while going back and forth with the music/editing in this one. The speed of the jabs dictated the BPM of the whole track, as that's where I started. Ever jab hits on the 2+4 of the bar (on a snare hit). Also the custom combo syncs with a silly drum riff. On to the actual combo...  On hit, it might be said that jabs are a little too good. Damage scaling does do a lot of work towards making it less broken but still, maybe slightly too good. 64 jabs in total by my count.

Beefcore - j.HP, st.LP-HP, st.LP-cr.HP, [dash, st.LP]x3 xx ff+LKx4 xx super, dash, st.LP-cr.HP, dash, st.LP, dash, st.LP xx ff+LKx4



  1. Awesome stuff, man! And this is just with the default cast.

  2. Desk, you releasing these tracks any time soon? Love your music.