Monday 25 July 2011

Yun cr. HK Glitch

This originally happened in an online match between antiheroforhire + tsivillain. It's the first instance of it happening that I'm aware of.

Antiheroforhire sent me the clip to see if I could make sense of it and this vid pretty much covers what I could figure out.

After the Cr. HK connects, the opponent goes very quickly from an air bourne, full-juggle state. To a grounded, fully hit-able and throw-able state. This is due to yuns target combo including his cr. HK and having a follow up attack. It works on anyone but it's not something that can really be applied to your game. It's technically possible to OS his cr. HK but this technique is flawed for 2 reasons. His cr. HK isn't great and if you're 1 frame too early you won't trade but be hit out of start up and whiff whatever you Option selected.

I have no idea why it seems to act differently after being hit by a Rose (as oppose to a normal) but it seems that it that situation Dudley is only juggle-able and avoids the regular hit-able state.


  1. Please take note, this same glitch probably also works for Ibuki. I can't test this right now, but you should investigate.

  2. Hey man, unfortunately it doesn't act in the same 'glitchy' way.

  3. Is it possible that the reason the rose doesn't make it happen is because it has a special hitbox, similar to Dan's crouching/jumping taunts?